Daria Fox: Oginski be glad for the kids …

Ulitenok "What parochial cons you most care about?"
Lis: "Like everywhere in our province, takes alcoholism. More — the inability to enjoy time for others.’s Somehow Belarusians weaned from it …"
Ulitenok: "Why do not lack a modern city?"
Lis: "In Zalesye, for example, there is no ability to go to the theater. At the movies. Sit in a coffee shop."
Ulitenok: "What does it all balances?"
Lees: "You can get out on a picnic, being in nature: see the beautiful pine forest, river Vyallyu, like the estate Michal Oginski Cleophas …"
Ulitenok: "Maybe the town to give something to the town?"
Lis: "Spirited people who have in the Belarusian province. Calculated in primarily only on themselves, their strength. That make your tiny thing: someone opens a shop, someone engaged in local history or something else. I think, this is fundamentally ".
Ulitenok: "There is such a thing — parochial pavinteligentsyya?"
Lis: "There is such a thing as the Belarusian pavinteligentsyya … For example, in Minsk, and in school Zalessk enough teachers who are interested in their own profession and to the children come with an open mind, charming, well-read, intelligent. And there are people who belong to his own business only as a method to earn money. Here they are — pavinteligenty. "
Ulitenok: "How do people live in Zalesye: alone for yourself, apart? "
Lis: "Partially together, try assist each other. Very manye is dependent on the family. Family — this is what keeps the village. "
Ulitenok: "So that in your current Zalesye granted eminent countryman Misha Cleophas Oginski, why would he rejoiced, and what would become upset?"
Lis: "We have not a bad Belarusian schools, where kids are taught to adore their country and their own language. Here, he would be happy. A disillusioned would further if he saw that not very native language helps in life that ekzamenatary adequately perceive it … "
Ulitenok: "Your wish is related to the theme Zalesye?"
Lis: "For Oginski was called Athens of the North. And I really hunt to see the real Athens … I think many zalesstsam — too. "
• Public Editor weeks — Daria Fox, 11.10.2007
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