Day of birth of Alexander Kozulin noted in Paris

"In Europe, not many people know about the terrible things that happen in Belarus, and not enough to those who have time to listen to this, — says one of the organizers of the picket, Belarusian, who lives France, Olga Podolsky. — We wish to extend this information. France — a good example of democracy Belarus, We wished to Belarus was because here ".
In picket adopted the role and Belarusian journalist Olga Klaskouski, which is presently is located in the French capital:
"Is noteworthy that the action for the first time in this format happening here. Apart disk imaging for the inhabitants of the capital, also made appeals to MPs urging France to influence Lukashenko, so he freed political prisoners."

Alexander Kozulin now turned 52. This is the second day of birth, that he meets in prison. At the three-day visit to the policy in Vitebsk colony came daughter Olga and Julia and wife Ira.
Alexander Kozulin was sentenced in Last year 5 and a half years in prison — in Minsk tribunal found him guilty of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots. Politics kept behind bars since March 25 2006. "Amnesty International" prisoner of conscience recognized Kozulin.

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