Destroyers Zumwalt, or floating application to the old report

Destroyers Zumwalt, or floating application to the old report
First 80s South American military analyst Franklin spinal published a report that caused a lot of debate and almost become a prerequisite for a real scandal. The document denounced the desire of the military department to receive more and more weapons with more features the highest in complete disregard of monetary consequences for the economy of the whole country. Dorsal denounced this phenomenon and proposed a number of steps to decrease defense spending without harming the properties of weapons. Since that time, almost three years, the 10-ka in the South American budget, including the military, almost everything has changed, but so far the determination of those or other necessary expenses.

A few months back, in late spring of this year, it became clear that the U.S. Congress is not completely satisfied with a promising project destroyers Zumwalt. The main complaint is the financial side of the design and construction of these ships. The adoption of the system head DDG-1000 Zumwalt is scheduled only for 2014, and for the development and realization applets already gone no less than 10-12 billion dollars. In light of recent trends in the U.S. on reducing budget expenditures for the construction of such waste of the latest technology for the Navy look at least versatile. Moreover, a number of congressmen have at the moment asks to close the project «Zamvolt» due to economic inefficiency. As for the construction of 3 ships of this project, they offer all the same finish, and so be it, take the fleet. But those same congressmen are opposed to these destroyers was increased attention — it may also lead to higher costs.

Fully understood that the Pentagon began to save on new projects only relatively recently. A few decades back the clock, he used a technique that can be called «make-pay.» This eventually led to some nasty consequences, but at the moment it’s not about them. Normal post-war U.S. military approach to the creation of new weapons and equipment intended to achieve the desired traits though any virtually any price. Initiating the drafting of Zumwalt, the Pentagon hopes to get laid eventually new warship with low visibility for funds tracking the enemy and decent weapons with the possibility of modular seating. Ultimately engineers Northrop Grumman, Bath Iron Works, Raytheon and BAE Systems were able to make the project one hundred percent fine with the customer. But the result came out incomprehensible financially. In addition, almost immediately became the object of criticism hull lines and background to them.

Outside destroyers «Zamvolt» in some measure resemble known stealth aircraft Lockheed Martin F-117A. The same flat panel, the same exact faces the same kind of unusual. Basically, here you can add and incomprehensible similar fate, but subsequent actions around destroyers, unlike aircraft, still remain in question. Certain similarity concept exterior contours of the ship and the aircraft due to the requirements regarding military radar stealth. According to reports, the new destroyers were developed for a role in amphibious operations and must be able to approach the stealthy enemy coast with the next blow and barreled missile weapons. But such a method implementation raises some questions. The fact that sediment Zumwalt destroyers just a meter less than the ships of project Arleigh Burke. Naturally, «Zamvolt» has essentially a huge body length and wider destroyer «Arleigh Burke», but perceptible advantages in the right depth for the passage he has not. Yet, Zumwalt equipped with sonar AN/SQS-60, AN/SQS-61 and AN/SQR-20, first created for tracking objects on a small depth.

It turns out that new equipment destroyers still more «enchanted» to work in the coastal zone. Practically speaking, this was one of the reasons the introduction of stealth technology. Appropriate ship’s lines, as approved, provide sufficient dissipation efficiency radar radiation. According to the official disk imaging, «Zamvolt» with a hull length of over 180 meters on the radar display looks just like a submarine Project Los Angeles. Noise power plant of the ship and its propulsion is approximately at the same level with boats of this project. In the end, to reduce the likelihood of detection by swirl Zumwalt have specially shaped housing substantially reduces the waste from the ship wave. However, for the particular form of the hull and superstructure had to pay a sliding properties. For example, a specific form of the bow does not allow to go at high speed in rough above four or five points. Bevel the front part of the nose in such criteria leads to the «burying», which obviously can not be called a good touch. Yet, for the sake of stealth was decided to make the fore body contours exactly like that. Apparently, the calculations showed that the maximum speed of about 30 knots destroyer will have huge problems with lowering the nose.

Another controversial topic — the energy system of the ship. Two gas turbine production plant Rolls Royce give total capacity of 78 MW. Electricity transmission system designed so makarom that when necessary you can redirect some of the current on any unit, whether the engine running or weapons system. It is alleged that the equipment and armament of the ship may require up to 55-58 MW capacity, but with all this, the remaining electrical system resources enough for speeds of about 20 knots. Such colossal characteristics of power dissipation explained the future in mind. In the future, instead of the Zumwalt artillery towers should get promising rail guns, which so far only developed. To achieve combat features in which these weapons will noticeably outperform classical barreled system will require significant power and specifically for this grid «Zamvoltov» were provided so the highest specifications. At the same time, the whole complex electrical systems went massive and languid. In addition, its price is «eaten» most of the total project budget. In light of Congress desires to save all, desire war right at the moment to provide the possibility of introducing unmade guns became the object of severe criticism. Maybe someone from the congressmen have made inquiries and found out how much could be save on equipment «Zamvoltov» conventional power plants and electricity systems rassredotachivaniya.
As for the rest of the weapons destroyers project Zumwalt, it is unlikely to cause a strong reaction as officials and other fans to save on defense. The basis of the armament of these ships are modular launchers Mk.57, which can use a wide range of guided weapons, from anti-aircraft to anti-cruise missiles. The greatest ammunition launchers — 80 missiles. Mk.57 system is forthcoming development already operate Mk.19, because should not cause special claims.

And yet the question is far more practical implementation «Zamvoltov», including in combat. Here is a promising project falls into the economic and practical «ticks». When working near the coast, supporting, for example, landing troops, the destroyer still in danger of being found and attacked. Taking into account the total cost of construction of the 1st such ship, you can imagine the «interest» of the enemy, and its activity in the detection and destruction of destroyers Zumwalt. In addition, decent in store weapons and contrast are also able to act to spur active — hardly any country want to create from their own shores floating missile base. So Makar, coastal work for destroyers «Zamvolt» is to some extent appropriate, but very risky. Candidate attacks land objects can be escorting merchant caravans or role in the carrier strike groups as escorts. But in this case lost all sense of stealth technologies, because stealth destroyers will be more than offset by the corresponding forms of an aircraft carrier.

In general, upon careful consideration of the new project «destroyers of the future», it is clear why he was so up in arms congressmen. In general, successful and exciting project proved to be very expensive and, perhaps, very new, so give him a huge amount of funds. Because three of the ship under construction will be collected and will be commissioned. Unlike the other 29 who were in the Pentagon’s plans. They likely do not even lay — the controversy surrounding the project have gained the point of no return, when the War Department bureaucrats should prepare for the «battle» for the ships on the stocks, which may soon draw the attention of supporters savings from Congress. So Makar, Zumwalt destroyers were another confirmation of the existence contrary phenomenon described another 30 years ago. It seems that some in the South American military leadership worth dust off an old report from Mr. Spinneya and read it closely.

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