English source of Jane’s Intelligence Review published satellite imagery and said that Iran built a third on account of the landfill, which can be used for launches of ballistic missiles, reports August 8. Construction was carried out for 3 years, found a launching pad to pad and tower mounting missiles.
Iran has an ambitious program from of cosmic. In January this year, the country showed the possibility of placing in orbit of cosmic vehicles, including capsule launched with a monkey on board and brought her back to Earth.
Western countries are concerned that the ballistic technology used by Iran to launch satellites can be used for the creation of ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. The new site is located approximately 100 km north-east of Tehran. Earlier, the Iranians announced that they will build a new spaceport for launching satellites. Jane’s Intelligence Review reports that this place is one of 3 that will be used for applets of cosmic Iran. Analysis of satellite imagery indicates that the object will be used in Shakhrud to start strategic ballistic missiles, while the two other objects will be involved in launches of cosmic rockets, says the editor of Jane’s Matthew Clements (Matthew Clements).
Iranian officials were not available for comment. And missile programs from Iran of cosmic concern Israel, which has plans for a preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, and costs have become a prerequisite for the creation of billions of U.S. missile defense.
August 6 Jane’s Intelligence Review on your own website said that Iran has found a new missile to close the landfill near the town of Semnan (second after the Baikonur Chabahar of cosmic launch complex with a total area of ​​about 100 square kilometers.. New site is located 165 km to the northeast of the object in Semnan and 40 km from the town Shakhrud (Iran said its plans to build this facility «somewhere outside Tehran province» in February 2012 — ca. «VP»)
On the subject is about Shakhrud launcher tower 23 meters (such as the same height at the Baikonur Semnan that will allow duplicate launch rocket type «Simorg» or even huge size), the launch pad has an area of ​​140×200 m in size, is located underneath the pit to divert rocket exhaust length of 125 m Installation and testing complex (MIC) has dimensions 62h47 m (MIC at Baikonur Semnan 100×50 m). Structures polygon placed at a sufficient distance from each other to minimize the risk of massive destruction as a result of the tragedy triggered ballistic missile. Fuel depot is not like rocket fuel depot watery, maybe from the landfill will run solid BR.
Seat of the object implies that the missiles will be launched in the direction of south-south-east (south-south-east), it means that the line of flight movements BR will be more run over the territory of Iran (Iranians will allow to collect huge amounts of disk imaging telemetry). First stage rockets fall down on the area of ​​the country, boosters (final step) in the Indian Ocean.

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