Detention of protesters businessmen

Businessman Alexander Tsatsura Salihorsk was seven o’clock in a row held by the police, and 12-hours — Department of Internal Affairs of the Central district. Detained limited in movement and not getting food.
Detainees Kryval Victor, Victor Gorbachev, Christina Shatsikava, Victor Coley.
The action ended. There were different.
Shares applicants appealed to the deputy head of Minsk police Miller to guarantee that none of the participants in the rally and march will not be delayed. Policemen only replied that they have already broken the law.
Several applicants meeting entered the building of the House of Representatives, To pass a resolution deputies. According to the organizers of the rally, on the square Independence is about five hundred people.
13:25 On the street of the Red detained Deputy Chairman of the BPF Viktor Ivashkevich. It was on October Square during a rally, greeted friends and left. At the moment, he was taken to Central police station. Sovereign Ivashkevicha blamed for participating in an unsanctioned event.
In columns are Statkevich and Anatoly Lebedko.
Entrepreneurs moving on sidewalks toward Independence Square. They carry a banner "Freedom of entrepreneurship." In the column Several hundred people. They escorted by policemen in civil and amplification machine, from which they are constantly warned against violations of the law.
On October Square public activist detained Haretski.
12:48 Entrepreneurs have decided go to the House of Representatives MPs and give its resolution. ‘
12:40 Bobruisk. In the center of employment began meeting with businessmen Deputy Head of Labor, Employment and Social Protection Bobruisk town Vladimir Krasnevskim. Entrepreneurs require government guarantees of their own employment.
"Entrepreneurs reach of a bureaucrat to answer the question why they should pay a two-week monetary assistance to people whom they are obliged to dismiss. Not they made a decree, and the president, then he pays and help. We do not want to dismiss these people," — said by phone employment center of Bobruisk biznesmenka Tatyana Lazareva.

12:35 Speakers said that the detainees favorite businessmen Alexander and Alexander Tsatsura Makaeu also read the text of the resolution. In Kupala park very loudly included music that drowns out the speech business. On October Square many policemen and police officers in civilian clothes.

12:30 Near October Square traffic police stopped a car Olga Kazulina, daughter of former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin. On O.Kozulina drawn up for the fact that it has no preconditions for sygnalila that passengers in the car were not wearing Tipo.
"We really pasygnalili when driving past October Square to support the business. Also exhibited in the window portrait of Alexander Kozulin. Immediately after that we stopped by a policeman. Olga threatens fine — more than 150 thousand rubles," — told a human rights activist Raisa St. Michael’s, which was in Kazulina together.
Policemen searched the car and found 20 copies of the bulletin "Our Choice." "For the trial we were sent to the Central police station," — said Raisa Mikhailouskaya.
12:20 On October Square began an impromptu rally. It addressed the audience one of the favorites of business Victor Gorbachev. He noted that gathered in the square wildest, and urged people to continue to assert their rights.
12:10 Around the Christmas Tree on October Square entrepreneurs launched streamers shirts "Freedom businessmen" and "Not Decree 760 th!"
12:00 On October Square began to gather entrepreneurs. Now they several 10-s people. Policemen through sound amplifiers warn people that rally is not sanctioned, and they will be held accountable. Behind the Palace of the Republic, in the courts — buses with police and paddy.
11:55 Svetlogorsk. More than 150 individual entrepreneurs came to the local employment center. Public activist Ira Savosteeva said that people answer the question, where they continue to work. As a result, implementation of the presidential decree number 760 in 2008 will be eliminated more than 500 jobs.
"Bureaucrats offered us to go to the Central Palace of Culture. Were leaders in the hall executive committee, the tax inspectorate, health services, police. Conversation was sensual. And because the bureaucrats could not give serious answers to all our questions. Theirs sounded statements type "solutions to reduce — not ours", "you realize that we are only artists" etc. ", — said I.Savastseeva.
11:50 Soligorsk. Police officers blocked the house where he lives Democratic activist Larissa Nasanovich. At the moment it does not have the ability to leave the house.

11:45 Alyaksadra Tsatsura taken to the Department of Internal Affairs Executive Committee to give an explanation for his complaint against the illegal acts of the police during a protest last business, which was accomplished in October.

11:30 Baranovichi. At this point, more than 70 businessmen from the town markets are sent to the building of the local executive committee. Member of the organizing committee of the public "association" For Free Development of Enterprise " Oleg Pasko said that the protesters would seek a meeting with the leaders of the town administration. "In the center of employment we do not promise job security more than 200 business people who will lose their jobs in the markets in accordance with the presidential decree number 760 — added A.Pashko.

Alexander Makaeva taken to the prosecutor’s office and asked to sign a warning about violating the law. Makaeu refused to sign the paper, he was released. But after some time again detained and taken to the police metropolitan area of the capital.
Policemen have not yet released Alexander Tsatsura. They explain this by the fact that the Tipo Tsatsura wife gave them the order to deliver the spouse as well as his, and took — in a police car.
The policemen forced Alexander Tsatsura write a note saying that he refuses to return voluntarily to Soligorsk in a police car, which was delivered in Minsk because it’s going to go to the rally. The Emperor refused to sign the warning Tsatsura prosecutors. In this paper he wrote that zvest warnings violated his constitutional rights.
10:50 Vitebsk. More than 50 businessmen hold a demonstration near the center of the structure of employment. Chairman of the Union said, "Together" Ira Yaskevich said that people require local officials to answer the question, what are the prospects for employment. "If they fulfilled the requirements of Presidential Decree number 760, then more than one thousand individual entrepreneurs in Vitebsk be unemployed — I.Yaskevich said.
None of the officials have not yet come to the meeting with the protesters.
10:50 In Minsk regional prosecutor’s office brought Alexander Tsatsura Soligorsk.
10:35 To Minsk regional prosecutor approached two police Criminal Investigation Department of the Metropolitan police department of the town of Minsk Igor Dyachuk and Dmitry distemper. They said that they had been ordered to deliver the 1st of the favorites businessmen Alexander Makaeva the police metropolitan area.
10:30 Re-arrested Nicholas Pokha
, who drove megaphones for the rally. He was taken to the police station Russian.
10:25 Bobruisk. These Minutka entrepreneurs gather at the structure of local employment center, at the intersection of streets that Gogol and Uritsky. "We were here for about 40 people. We demand guarantees from the power of its own employment as a presidential decree number 760 eliminates our jobs market town" — said biznesmenka Tatyana Lazareva.
10:00 Chairman of the organizing committee of the public association "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev said, "Freedom", the police detained the organizers of the rally now businessmen — Alexander Taustyka, Nicholas Pakhabau. By V.Gorbacheva detained delivered under escort to the Minsk regional prosecutor’s office, where they s self-explanatory and the obligation not to participate in the protest.

One of the applicants business meeting Victor Kryval was forcibly taken to the Minsk regional prosecutor’s office. He was taken away from their homes and villages and Hotlyany seventh morning. Prosecutors sovereign Kryval offered to sign a warning about the inadmissibility out on October Square, as permitted rally in Bangalore Square. Sign warning Victor Kryval refused. He was released.
Soligorsk his apartment took the 1st of the favorites of business Alexander Tsatsura. According to the sovereign Tsatsura, he is taken to the Minsk regional prosecutor’s office. Earlier, a businessman came Salihorsk staff prosecutors and warned that he should not take part in the rally.

8:30 Criminal investigation officers of the Metropolitan District detained 1st favorite of entrepreneurs’ movement Alexander Makaeva. Last week was detained by officers A.Makaeva Leninsky District. It drew up a protocol for what he Tipo neprelichno expressed. A.Makaeva given a summons to the police on December 12.
Now in Minsk on October Square noon rally scheduled business. They are going to express their attitude to the authorities’ policy in relation to small business.

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