Direct route to the absolute dullness (Die Welt, Germany)



Even the title is designed in the spirit of provocation: "Pacifiers, dudes, selfish. On Youth, which adults weaned from the ideals. " This name was given his book by Bernhard Hayntslmayer. In it, he criticizes the systematic dullness of young people who are pushed to the "limited horizon and an empty heart" in inhuman society advances. 53-year-old scientist is co-founder of the Institute for the Study of Youth Culture in Vienna.


"Die Welt": Mr. Hayntslmayer, to what extent has reached bamboozle our youth?


Bernhard Hayntslmayer: It moves the straight road to the absolute dullness. If our system of education should operate only on the patterns of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the International Programme on Student Assessment (PISA), young people have little chance of escape.


"Die Welt": You write that the current educational standards are dictated by economics. What does that mean?


Hayntslmayer: In the development of training programs exclusively used the logic of economic interest. Selected for the lessons that will be useful later exactly in the labor market. During the many years in schools there is a shift in favor of the natural sciences and economic sciences. Teaching hours of music, literature and the fine arts are reduced because these items do not provide any of the necessary knowledge from the point of view of the economy.


"Die Welt": What do you think about alternative forms of schooling, for example, the Waldorf schools?


Hayntslmayer: This is just a flight of well-educated middle class, still appreciate versatile, including cultural and education. Yes, they represent an alternative to the public education system. However, this alternative can not afford a family of four living in the Berlin district of Marzahn (East Berlin area with large numbers of disadvantaged or poor families. — Ed.), It only helps the rich. I am not a dreamer, I commend illusions. Technical and market-oriented labor skills must be taught in school, but they are not alone. Rejection of cultural education sooner or later hit the very foundations of our democratic society, because the younger generation will lack the ability to make political decisions.


"Die Welt"All the same human faculties, such as Germanic, for many years, greatly overcrowded.


Hayntslmayer: Many young people have a craving for a liberal education. Therefore, the interest in such subjects is still high. However it is not a secret and that the economy is having an increasing impact on the university curriculum and research topics.


"Die Welt": Researchers say that young people feel insecure under the weight of expectations from her achievements. You, however, konstatiruete that young people want more explicit regulations. How can this be?


Hayntslmayer: The majority of today's youth — it is pragmatic. They know exactly how to achieve climbing the social ladder. To be successful, they must comply with the rules and regulations of neoliberalism. At the same time, because of the large number of alternatives, they are constantly under the pressure of decision making. Many of them say: "The world is too complex, we would like to see it again became a little easier."


"Die Welt": For the youth is today?


Hayntslmayer: For their own interests. If the order is threatened, the young people take to the streets. Consider the demonstrations around the world: protests, for example, in Spain, are based mainly material reasons. These people care about their jobs, if conditions are favorable enough to start a family, what their social status. But they are not the cause of the far-reaching ideals.


"Die Welt": What could be wrong with that, to determine their own future in a similar way?


Hayntslmayer: This is bad because now it's about protecting the interests of individuals, rather than society as a whole. Where once there was a commitment to give reliable traditions, today dominated by unscrupulous and short-sightedness. A place of social or professional competence in many ways has taken self-promotion. Product, which primarily sells youth, she is herself.


"Die Welt": Does it feel themselves offended by this older generation feigned optimism of youth, because presumably fought for higher ideals?


HayntslmayerYes, indeed. This economization of education is a slap in the face generation student riots of '68. It has a large categories of thought, the debate about the Third World, the reform of higher education, social laws and procedures of democratic participation in decision-making. In 90 years, slowly but surely, there was a change in favor of a selfish society. Succumbed to corruption and many шестидесятивосьмидесятники. Therefore, all the movement of the "red of May" has lost credibility in the eyes of the new generation. Now the essence of what is happening is expressed in the following words: "We want to achieve something in life and be financially rewarded for it."


"Die Welt": The authors of the latest study Sinus-Institute (Institute for Market Research and Studies of consumer choice — approx. Lane.) Also found that young people in Germany wants to create their own family, but finds it difficult selection of the correct time to put those plans into action.


Hayntslmayer: Family represents the last line of support in our society, closed from outside influence a system in which people can feel safe. More severe than the outside world, the more important are these little worlds. In this regard, the search for security becomes almost a kind of reflection of the growing insecurity in our society.


"Die Welt": Then what of the young people there are "selfish" and "Dummy"?


Hayntslmayer: In the end, it's about success, image and consumption. More important than how I feel, is the way others see me. How do I look? What are the things that accentuate my social status, do I have? This behavior of children and young people learn very early, and they also learn how to better themselves as "sell." Modern media only reinforce the need for the creation of a positive image and self-promotion. However, people do not have to become happy, every day playing the role, which to a small extent or not at all correspond to their own "self."


"Die Welt": What should be changed?


Hayntslmayer: On the one hand, we must begin to take seriously the concerns of young. I often hear, "Well, what are you unhappy? They truly live well compared to previous generations. " On the other hand, we must give up the way of life in which there are only material values, and education policy that serves only the interests of the economy. We need new impulses coming from the company if it is important to humanistic values again played an important role in our system of education. If it does not, then the future of young people seems to me in the darkest colors.


Bernhard Heinzlmaier: "Performer, Styler, Egoisten. Über eine Jugend, der die Alten die Ideale abgewöhnt haben", Berlin, 2013 (Hardcover, 196 Seiten, 18,50 Euro)


Bernhard Hayntslmayer: "Pacifiers, dudes, selfish. On Youth, which adults weaned from the ideals of "Berlin, 2013

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