Dishwashing liquid «AOS» recognized the best in Test purchase on Channel 1

  • Dishwashing liquid «AOS with the scent of lemon"
  • Dishwashing liquid «AOS with the scent of lemon"

Dishwashing liquid «AOS with lemon flavor" as the best in the "Test purchase" on Channel 19 June 2012. During the program, buyers and experts chose the best liquid dishwashing detergent with lemon fragrance. Competed for the title of winner of six brands of different manufacturers from Russia, USA, Germany and the UK. Won a means of production of "Nafis Cosmetics» — «AOS».

In the qualifying round of the regular customers at the store assessed the candidates on appearance, smell and test the degree of washing pollutants. Each participant can only vote for one liked the sample dish detergent.


Because to fully appreciate the quality of the detergent in the store is not possible, all the contestants have been laboratory tested.

In the semifinals of the program evaluation of the quality of applicants engaged experts. 

They found that all the samples were fully compliant with the safety of both the composition and labeling.

And in the final program by laboratory tests assessed the main indicator of the quality of consumer dishwashing detergent — washing ability.


According to the expert of the test center A. Savinova, "best coped with the task dishwashing detergent brand« AOS »production of" Cosmetics is. "

High efficiency means luster ware, gentle care and protection for the skin — is the foundation of brand positioning «AOS». The results of the independent television examination only confirmed the findings of comparative tests which were continuously carried out by our own laboratory. Building on this, we can confidently assert that the AOS — tool for those who want to get a good result.

Recall that in July 2005, AOS has set a new record in Russia in the category "The largest number of dishes washed." With the 500g detergent AOS had been washed 9,664 plates. The record was set in the presence of experts from the "Book of Records of Russia" and closed the previous record by almost 1,500 plates.



GROUP "NEFIS" — one of Russia's largest producers of goods of daily demand of mass: fat products and household products.

Our goal is — To produce goods of the highest quality and value. The main priority for us is to meet the complex needs and interests of customers.


  • LogoNefisCo
  • LogoNefisCo

Of "Cosmetics is" — manufacturer of chemical products and household cleaning products for industrial use. The company owns well-known brands and trademarks «AOS», «BiMax», «Sorti», «Biolan», «Love», «Forest glade", "Herbs". Total company produces more than 300 kinds of products.

At present JSC "Cosmetics is" occupies a leading position in all key segments of the market of household chemicals and technical products. In 2011, the company holds the second position in the Russian market for washing dishes and a third on the markets of washing powders and powder detergents.


Kazan Group "Nafis", one of the largest Russian producers of mass everyday, summed up the results of 2011. The total turnover of the enterprises included in the group increased by 36% to over 20.5 billion rubles excluding VAT. While net profit compared to the previous year increased by 76% to 714 million rubles. 

The number of employees of enterprises remained the same — about 4.3 million people. Average monthly wages increased on average by the Group at 11% to 22.3 thousand rubles. The total amount of taxes paid amounted to over 1.5 billion, an increase of 29%. Including 515 million paid into the consolidated budget of the Republic of Tatarstan, which is 14% more than in the previous year.

All companies in the Group in 2011 showed a good momentum of growth. So "Kazan Oil Factory" has increased its revenues by 84% — to 6.46 billion rubles excluding VAT. Net profit in 2011 increased by more than three times — up to 136 million rubles. The highest dynamics in bulk demonstrated bottled vegetable oil. 

The turnover of the "Kazan oil extraction plant" has increased by 26% to 5.3 billion rubles. Net income decreased by 2% to 87 million. 

The company "Cosmetics is" increased its revenues by 19% to 8.99 billion rubles. In 2011, it maintains the status the largest domestic manufacturer of household chemistry. According to research company «AC Nielsen», «Cosmetics is" belongs to the second place in the Russian market dishwashing detergents (market share in volume terms for the year — 23.3%), and third place in the market of detergents (9, 7%) and dry cleaners (16.1%). The company also remains a major Russian producer of stearin, olein, glycerol and other fatty technical products. In 2011 it was released more than 21.2 million tons of this production.

— Over the past five years, the total turnover of the group "Nafis" increased 3.3 times. However, in addition to increased sales volumes, we focus on optimizing production costs and selling expenses. The result is an increase in net income — the main financial results of any business. In the coming year we expect to keep the momentum achieved by the start of the new plant "Nafis-Bioproduct" — says the outcome of the General Director of JSC "Cosmetics is" Dmitry Khaibullin.  

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