Do I need a pro-European forces Congress?

Tsigankov "Statkevich said that the forum pro-European forces should take place no later than the spring of next year. As needed at the moment this thought for the political life of Belarus? If she could give a boost to any process or on the contrary, it can destroy the unity of the opposition?
"Maybe we were knocking on the doors are closed"
Kalinkina: "I believe that this idea hurt and the forum itself can not, because the opposition is currently one hundred percent focused on the European idea. But this Congress may have no effect. Indeed, at the moment representation of professionals and politicians about sprawl subsequent plans of the European Union and the potential of a Belarus entry into the EU.
Not so long ago, as you know, there was a conference in Vilnius democratic forces, which also open a discussion this question. And as I know, there have concluded what you need very rapidly to consult with EU politicians and bureaucrats to discover this particular issue. After all, we may be knocking on the doors that are closed. "
Tsigankov "Statkevich on our TV said that the opposition must unite successful project. Statkevich That project specifically considers European integration."
Bykov: "You can not say that it can be exactly the best. According to sociologists, the population is not so great though how to treat forms of integration. As the September data NISEPI, the answer to the question" Should Belarus join the European Union? " Also achieved its historical low — 29.9 percent. At time when in 2003 it was over 60 percent. However, a similar trend is also visible in relation to integration with Russia.
So that at the moment integration projects are not something that will connect voedinyzhdy society. Coupled with the fact, clear that the opposition circles very positive attitude towards European integration, and it is unlikely to change anything in the very structures of the opposition. This idea will not be an extension of the audience, because propaganda euro project should change the consciousness of society, but it not a participation in the audience that would support the opposition. In opposition circles attitude to the European Union and Russia have long been crystallized in all oppositional structures and say that-something new is difficult. "
"Congress can provoke konkurentnst midst opposition for" one of us more European "
Tsigankov: "Among the major opposition forces, perhaps only Communist Party, headed by Sergei Kalyakin not be such a particular supporter of the European idea. In this regard, whether hosting the Congress considered as an invitation for the party to determine? "
Kalinkina: If we talk about the negative consequences of any of the Congress, it could trigger konkurentnst midst of opposition for being "one of us is more European." Movement for Freedom Milinkevich adnazna for this Statkevich Navasyad too. Naturally, the BPF and UCP also be obliged to argue among themselves. Well, the left will be required "to tear his shirt," arguing that they, too, with 2 hands on the European values.
It seems to me the most unsafe idea Statkevich. And if you really will be resolved to hold the event, its organizers have to think about it. I think that is not the time and is not a situation to argue and compete together "
Tsigankov "Svetlana, I still would wish you expressed your outlook about the position of the Communist Party Sergei Kalyakin. How does it react to Congress pro-European forces? "
Kalinkina: "I think it will support the European values. Maximum for which it acted Party — neutral status for Belarus and has always opposed the alliance with Russia"
Bykov: "Thought Congress reminded me a little first press conference organizers" Euro march ", even if they do accents — who first fiction who first who said etc.. So there is a dispute over the" right birthright. "In principle, in opposition circles antagonists of this idea is not.
Another question is who will be able to pick up the first laurels for himself or itself fundamentally evraintegratara. I’m afraid that these laurels NOT dastanutsa anyone because the performance of companies are presently holding the opposition is not very powerful. "
M. Statkevich: "If the coalition against the euro project, the purposes for which it is needed?" 27.11.07

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