Do information security in Belarus?

In the opinion of professionals in Belarus security problem of computer disk imaging — very topical. Fedor Pavlyuchenko — last Technical Staff Web resource He explains, what neuvvyazkami across their website.
Beltelekom — monopoly of access to the Internet space
"Website Charter faced with almost all kinds of attacks and break-ins … The most painful, for sure, was the first case — the 2001 elections, when the website Charter just blocked for Belarusian users. This case was then for all 1 — first, no one previously this did not come across because it was hard to react correctly. Quite simply built Beltelekom — Belarus is the only access to the Web, the global space. And there you can put a filter on the website of the Charter — and thus fail to Belarusian nick Blocked get on the web page. It did in the election day — and it came at them very well. "
In a situation where Beltelekom — monopoly access to the web, and other providers are required to work through it. Because in Belarus has established conditions for flawless technical control of Internet resources, they say spices. Above website and a number of Charter experienced hacker attacks, when the "crush" the server. Information simply disappeared, and had to rebuild every time, knows Fedor Pavlyuchenko:
"The difficulty came when Charter was more seriously considering hosting work on the server, use an expensive hosting break … Because at the moment — more difficult."
"Information Security" in the current context of the Belarusian — Oxymoron
One of the founders of the Internet newspaper "Belarusian Partisan", recognizable journalist Pavel Sheremet, states that in the context of today’s Belarus word "information security" sounds like an oxymoron. And in the "Belarusian partisan" long yavna trend prepyadstviya technical access to the Web site specifically occur during an important event for the country:
"Recently" Public march "during the" Public march "and some time after his website stormed hackers. Website is constantly trying to crack. Because reality is harsh investigation provider, because the attack was very ambitious, to be the result of activities of any individual, individual bullies. Here some harsh resources involved and again it gives same handwriting Belarusian secret services. "
Personal information — is not safe
Joint civilian favorite games Anatoly Lebedko notes now Belarus in the absence of information security concerns not only virtual, and completely personal space life: "Do not become a working home phone.’s wife invited masters. He examined the line outside the apartment — in the common corridor that connects the communication network 4 apartments. Came — smiling . Asked who engaged in politics or business. And he showed device for listening — malehankih, dark … I later consulted with experts — uttered that thanks to this device all foreign production, what happened in our apartment, all speech was listened 24 hours a day. "
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