Does Russia conspiracy of the liberal media?

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Does Russia "conspiracy" of the liberal media?

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First we give a few sentences from the publication "Political prostitution changed her sex" ("Moskovsky Komsomolets", 16.03.2013), and caused a public outcry, appeal to the Prosecutor General's Office and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. This, for example, there is a publication of the phrase: "Appeared type of women — political mistresses, who are ready to" go to "for any party." Or this: "To what normal man needs a" tank in a skirt ", which may roll into the ground? .. But, as it turned out, the man is not needed, but the current government — is needed. "Tank in a skirt" back into politics. " We are talking about the deputies of the State Duma of the "United Russia" Irina Spring, Catherine Lakhova and Olga Batalina … 

Perhaps this offensive passages, especially in combination with the title notes, many women may take offense. First of all, it would seem, should have done that feminists are already a hundred years fighting for it to be a such a "tank in a skirt." And especially after it received a powerful "reinforcements" in the face of such "fighters" for women's rights, as Russian and Ukrainian Femen Pussy Riot. But they are silent. Watch over, so to speak, liberal solidarity. But a different view expressed by other representatives of the "weaker sex" in general, not politics: People's Artist of the USSR Elina Bystritskaya and People's Artist of the RSFSR Zinaida Kiriyenko, opera soloist Musical Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Larissa Kurdyumova, chairman of the All-Russian public organization " Business Women of Russia "Natalia Dmitrieva …

The conflict grows, it includes more and more actors, quote them exchange "pleasantries" may be long, but today, perhaps more important to try to answer the question: "Why do the media scandal here and now?" Do as amended by the "Moscow Komsomolets "did not understand that the publication of this kind can not cause a violent reaction in the society? Of course, it is understood and to this effect, it seems, was calculated. And perhaps an even greater effect on explosive power.

The article draws an analogy between the once famous Soviet song ("Spring Love" —AP), The current times and emphasizes: "The Civil War divided the tough people — brothers, parents, children, spouses — on white and red …" I remember a period of rapid burst of "bog-belolentochnoy" activity period of winter 2011 — spring 2012. the liberal media were full of comparisons with the great days of the current Russian Troubles XVII., with the February bourgeois-democratic revolution and the Bolshevik October Revolution of 1917, persistently quoted "The White Guard" and "Heart of a Dog" by Mikhail Bulgakov, "Cursed Days" by Ivan Bunin , and "The White Guard" was even filmed in the "many series' and is shown on the TV channel" Russia1 "last spring. "Non-system" opposition openly with calls to march on the Kremlin, then came the infamous events at the Swamp ended riots and lawsuits.

Today it is on, the public opinion on the eve of the second part of "Marlezonskogo (marsh) Ballet"? I think that such a scenario can not be ruled out, given the statements of some leading persons "marching", "walking" and "paid off" — the opposition of impending protest actions.

Very emblematic in this sense, are presented and evaluation of a State Duma deputy Andrei Isaev, expressed in his letter to the leading radio station "Echo of Moscow" Matthew Ganapolsky over the publication in the "MK": "It's not us, and you called a few months all the deputies of the State Duma, members of the Board Federation, the President of the "man-eaters and scoundrels." It is not us but you have organized persecution respected man of Irina Rodnina. In the same way as before the Patriarch consistently harassed, artists who have agreed to become trustees of Putin. As is now consistently one of the other herbs to the State Duma and the Federation Council. " Isayev said, the Liberals offer the authorities "to play giveaway" — "when against us all good, and we should all stand patiently in white."

Here, let me cite the example of the publication in the newspaper "Vedomosti" (18.02.2013) members of the Board of the Institute of Contemporary Development Yevgeny Gontmakher. "If you do not make a choice, it will make the genie" with the subtitle "With the genie out denseness and obscurantism, the authorities can not cope with it, as has happened before." He writes: "… we see a conscious attempt to counter the massive enough and openly express the mood of protest government promotion of nationalism and xenophobia, isolationism and imperial, Stalinism, religious and other media … kondovyh marginal attitudes are beginning to take the place of the displaced from this podium, caring and sensible people. As a result of those prejudices and myths that in the overwhelming majority of society were dormant, begin to go outside. "

What follows is an amazing confidence in their liberal passage: "Vladimir Putin seems to think that by releasing the genie denseness and kondovyh out, he will be able to manage it, while still leaving yourself a chance and Russia, at least partially remain in the mainstream of world civilization (democracy — the market economy — Human rights). But to sit on two chairs hard. If you choose not to do yourself, the genie will do it for you. This is taught, for example, the events of the Russian February — October 1917, the story of Hitler's rise to power in Germany, the origin of a number of current Latin American regimes. "

And this is the author concludes: "I am convinced that the chances to stop this and similar scenarios are still there. But their number is decreasing with the adoption of each of the new law, shocking the active part of the society, with the capture of the federal TV channels "soldiers of the Empire", "orthodox" hysterical, "Eurasians" and other similar public ".

Laws passed by the State Duma, you see, Mr. Gontmaher with its "active part of society" do not like. Not to the liking of the new laws and the author of the material in the "MK" for acting under the pseudonym George Jans. Irina Spring for example, he incriminates the fact that "it is one of the authors of the draft law on the protection of historical memory, which establishes liability for infringement of historical memory regarding the events that took place during the Second World War. Together with five deputies — United Russia Spring has brought the bill to return to the Russian Criminal Code for libel. She is also the author of a bill to tighten control over non-profit organizations (NGOs) that receive foreign funding and engage in political activities in Russia, which has become known as "the law of the foreign agents." And, of course, as it could endorse and support the "law of Dima Yakovlev". "

Previously, such charges to the State Duma were heard, mostly, "over the hill", most of all — from the east coast of the Atlantic, and the loudest — from the mouth of the so-called Russian human rights activists and other assorted opposition. But with the adoption o
f the law on NGOs, these public cries somewhat toned down, artificially inflated overflowing passions have subsided. The reason is clear: were blocked foreign sources of financing the opposition movement in Russia. Prior to that, according to a report published on the website of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the activity of which ended in Russia, the Americans have invested $ 2.7 billion to the "democratization" of our country.

Apparently so happened that on the eve of a media scandal, the cause of which was the note in "Moskovsky Komsomolets", a State Duma deputy Andrei Isaev gave an interview to an opposition online resource, in which he stated that in Russia there is a "conspiracy" of the liberal media, which paid by Western money.

Moreover, in his opinion, "in Russia were conceived" belolentochnaya revolution "was conceived as the" orange revolution "in Ukraine, the" Tulip Revolution "in Kyrgyzstan, the" Rose Revolution "in Georgia." He is sure that "the architects of the revolution" have decided that the revolution must take place in the winter of 2011-2012. "MP is convinced that those who planned the revolution" take advantage of the active use of journalists. " "And certain people who took the money under the obligation to make a revolution, had to get out somehow. In this situation, there is only one way: the attack on the institutions of fastening the society. This Parliament, which voted for the majority of the people — I mean the votes for all the four parliamentary parties. This trade unions, most mass organizations — the attack goes on them. Finally, this Russian Orthodox Church, "- said Isayev. Financial flows are in these media from the West, he said.

"Of course, directly from the State Department's hardly anyone (in the media —AP)receives salary — believes rector REU them. Plekhanov, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, a political analyst Sergei Markov. — But indirect political task is indeed satisfied. This happens usually with quality media, which are rarely profitable, but somewhere to get money for their existence. As a rule, they are funded through politically deterministic sources: NGOs, foundations, sometimes large business structures, many of which, in turn, are influenced by the Western coalition. This, unfortunately, historically rooted reality since the 1990s. "

Director of the Institute of Politics, Law and Social Development Vladimir Shapovalov also notes that "in the last year or two in some of the media have been actively implanted liberal ideas." "This process has already started a long time ago, in the 90s, but in the last year or two, in the pre-election, election and post-election period, it became more obvious, the course has become a trend — said Shapovalov. — There are active and a number of media. In this sense, we should say that in the last period of the liberal trend is the place to be. " Shapovalov admits that the liberal media are financed from the West. "This issue should be treated meticulously and carefully, there is a presumption of innocence, the issue of funding should be considered by law enforcement authorities — says the expert. — However, I think that this is possible. Major role in the revitalization of the liberal press can play Western factors. "

And the CEO of the Center for Political Information Alexei Mukhin believes that "the terms of which are not expressed, for example, from the rostrum of the Duma, however, the media are well represented. Such a broad representation of the so-called "Westerners" in the media is not in proportion to their place in society and their representation in politics. " "Information resources are strongly influenced by the" Westerners "- emphasizes A. Mukhin.

By the way, Irina Spring has already said she has "no journalists slightest pretensions. I understand that they are just doing the job of those who give. The question is, what we do and whose tails are attacking. "

According to, say, Limonov, "they (the liberals —AP)information capacity is very high. Only one radio station "Echo of Moscow" has the powerful forces of information, and if you add to the "Echo," channel "Rain" radio "Kommersant FM», «Finam FM», magazine «The New Times», the newspaper "New" and "Independent" , a dozen major Internet portals, such as the "Moscow Times" and "Live Journal", plus created groups of "Facebook" and dozens of influential bloggers, we get an impressive army of information and propaganda. "However, as reported in August Last year, the magazine "Market Leader", "the opposition has decided to make a" knight's move "by organizing its own Internet TV in Russia. According to the calculations of the organizers, after a while it can compete with NTV, Channel One and other official Russian TV channels. "

Financial support for the project's organizers plan to get from Russian and foreign sponsors. The magazine notes that Ilya Ponomarev said the intention to carry out charity dinners with businessmen in Moscow and other large Russian cities, as well as abroad — in London, Tel Aviv, San Francisco, New York — cities where collected a large number of Russians comfortably.
There are already willing to invest in the opposition TV. One of them was the businessman Boris Berezovsky. But on the Rights of the sponsor, he put forward their demands to the project. RBC daily Berezovsky said that his funds will sponsor only in case of alternative TV will stand seasoned journalists Parfenov, Dorenko Nevzorov. Otherwise — Russian opposition politicians will not get a penny.

And "News" on March 13 this year, has reported that on the TV channel "Rain" Leonid Parfenov will lead a new transmission called "Parfenov." (Posner and "Posner"!) Project is financed by the Fund to support independent media in conjunction with the "Rain". Among the founders of Dmitry Gudkov, Dmitry Nekrasov, Ilya Ponomarev.

"For the first time, the money actually personal — our family and Nekrasov, and gives half the" Rain ", and then we're going to create a system kraudfandinga (fundraising through the Internet. —Ed.) And collect the money from the citizens ", — told" Izvestia "Dmitry Gudkov (after returning from the U.S., by the way).

Note that the thrust of Mr Berezovsky to Russia's liberal media and counter "outbursts" of the media towards Berezovsky fundamentally unchanged for almost two decades.

Boris Abramovich in 1995, he participated in the creation of Russian Public Television and joined the Board of Directors of ORT. In 1999 he acquired the publishing house "Kommersant", becoming the owner of the largest media group, formally united in itself. By the beginning of 2000, he oversaw the newspaper "Kommersant", "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", "Novye Izvestia", etc., magazines "autopilot", "power", "Money", "hammer", "Brownie", "Spark" , radio station "Nashe Radio", ORT (Channel One) and MNKV (TV-6). Although beta blockers have long lives abroad, his influence, and, most importantly, laid upon it, and their tradition in the liberal media are stored.

Speaking of traditions. In August 1990, the co-founder of the radio station "Echo of Moscow" was Garry Kasparov, and later he was the owner of a significant stake in the radio station, and in the mid-1990s, sold his shares of "Echo of Moscow" businessman Vladimir Gusinsky (also long been on the run). According to t
he "Medialogia" for April 2012, "Echo of Moscow" radio station is the most cited, ahead of all the TV channels and magazines, second only to some newspapers. The radio station is organized as a company, and currently 66% owned by Gazprom — Media Holding, 34% are divided between journalists radio stations, of which 18% is owned personally editor Alexei Venediktov.

Surprising fact is that, according to published Alexei Pankin (The Moscow Times, 27.05.03) According to a survey conducted among the 50 largest Russian companies and business associations, "Novaya Gazeta" — the third, after "Versions" and "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" in engagement ( 27%) and shared with the newspaper "Izvestia" 1st and 2nd place for biased coverage of economic conflicts. The situation has hardly changed. The chief ideologist destroyed the Soviet "perestroika" Alexander Yakovlev once called "Novaya Gazeta" "the most patriotic, how to advocate for the interests of Russia." One of the sponsors of the newspaper, Gorbachev publication in «Los Angeles Times», said that by supporting their own, that is, the "Novaya Gazeta", he supports democracy. Columnist for the newspaper "Izvestia" and "Expert" magazine Maxim Sokolov called "Novaya Gazeta", "The Apotheosis of the liberation of vulgarity." In short, everyone — his own, but who are now genuine customer "music" liberal media?

The United States, which, as mentioned above, in the territory of Russia lost a major donor for the Russian opposition — the agency issuing grants (USAID), came up with the bypass NGO law and the continuation of the opposition.

The role of the foreign sponsor will fulfill the US-Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law (USRF). The Fund is not officially involved in politics, and those who turn to him for the grants do not have to call himself by foreign agents. Besides, USRF good reputation and a huge potential for raising funds in Russia is not through government organizations in the U.S.. Another important factor is that the Russians are listed in the manual. For example, a member of the Board of Directors USRF Hope Seryakov in the recent past — the executive director of the International Republican Foundation.

Fund, "seeks to strengthen ties between Russia and the United States," for several years working closely with the Ministry of Education and even the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation. And most importantly — USRF not subject to the law on NGOs. Political scientists call the situation with the successor of USAID in the face USRF quite obvious. Thus, the director of the Center for Political Information Alexei Mukhin says that this is only the beginning of the active expansion of U.S. funds working "under cover" in Russia. And USRF — this is only the "first signs" in this process, but, note, not in the long-term practice of subsidizing the Russian opposition abroad.

If we try to understand how and to whom are financed in fact belong to the "independent media", we find the most interesting things. Thus, the magazine «Forbes» issued ID «Axel Springer Russi» (ASR), «Vedomosti" — a joint project of the «Financial Times» and «The Wall Street Journal» with the support of the ID «Sanoma Independent Media». Director of Foreign Affairs Editorial «Axel Springer Russia» Leonid Bershidsky in 2003 began production of "Russian Forbes» and «Russian Newsweek».

Bershidsky and become a "bridge" between the IDs «Axel Springer Russia» and ID «Sanoma Independent Media», created in 1992, the Dutchman Derk Sauer. He organized the first edition of foreign newspapers in Russia «The Moscow Times». Then came the «International Herald Tribune» and «Vedomosti», from 1999 to 2002 headed the same Bershidsky. Later Bershidsky with Natalia Sindeeva (TV channel "Rain"), and former head of the "KIT Finance" Alexander Vinokourov created «», which passed under the management of Mr. Kashulinsky, chief editor of the magazine «Forbes».

Thus, the editorial policy of «» Channel and "Rain" are determined by the interests and instructions of the holders «Axel Springer Russia» and «Sanoma Independent Media» (SIM). In this case, one of the members of the Board of Directors of «Axel Springer Russia» is also the chief editor of the Russian version of the magazine «Geo» Moscow and producer of the first German TV channel ARD, who withdrew in January 2012, a documentary about the protests in Russia, which became the main characters and Bulk Wolves (last advertised and Dutch media).

The conclusion, as they say, is obvious: the editorial policy of the opposition media is coordinated by publishers ASR and SIM and chief editors of the projects "Vedomosti», «Forbes», «Slon», «Rain."

The presence of foreign capital allows these media feel completely "independent" in the Russian information space, they also play the role of "mediator" between liberal "Echo of Moscow", "Novaya Gazeta" and a Western audience.

And they give the "start in life" characters such as Navalny and his ilk ("Vedomosti», «International Herald Tribune»). And this one more detail: released from USAID fund UNRF works with the "Fund Gaidar," selecting and prikarmlivaya young professionals, fueling protests. In addition, these characters as Yasin, D. Zimin, are included in the Supervisory Board of the "Liberal Mission", "Dynasty", Carnegie, Gaidar and others, supported by USAID. They are the connecting links between the funds and the "prestigious" universities, say, NES and the HSE. It turns out that these funds informally control how the media ("Vedomosti», «Slon», «Forbes», etc.), as well as influential expert group (Institute of Contemporary Development, CSR). Such is the bog-liberal octopus entangled Russia.

Incidentally, the above data have been published in several online publications in the fall of last year, but our State Duma is from that time all the "shy" to adopt a law on "media — foreign agents".

According to media reports

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