Dry cargo project RSD44 «Shumilov Captain and Captain of war were put into operation

Volga Shipping Company has taken into service after successful completion of the test vessel ninth and tenth dry cargo project RSD44 «Shumilov Captain" and "Captain Wire Rope."

All ten ships are built for "Volga Shipping Company" (director Alexander Shishkin) in record time Oka Shipyard (director Vladimir Kulikov). The first ship of the project RSD44 "Captain Ruzmankin" was laid in February 2010. The ninth and tenth — commissioned in April 2012.

The series can be called "a series of named Heroes of Stalingrad" — all ten captains of Volga Shipping Company, in honor and in memory of whom the court referred to the project RSD44, gave their lives defending their motherland in the battle for Stalingrad.
Commissioned in 2011, the court series "Captain Ruzmankin," "Captain Zagryadtsev," "Captain Red", "Captain Gudovich," "Captain Sergeyev" and "Captain Kadomtsev" has successfully worked in the transportation of bulk cargo, mainly in the transportation of grain from Rostov -on-Don on the PKK raid in Port Kavkaz. "Captain Afanasiev," and "Captain Urov," which were handed over in November last year, immediately after the date of the winter left the parking lot.
In navigation of shipping company launched in 2012 to work at once, all ten ships of the new series.
It should be noted that a series of vessels of RSD44 sets record not only on the speed of construction, but also by deadweight in river draft of 3.60 m (5540 tons on the results of an inclining the head of the ship and the second weighing) and speed tests (average speed of the flow and against the current sea trials was the lead ship of more than 12 knots).
RSD44 project designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.
Russian River Register class — O-PR 2.0 (Ice 20) A.
New dry cargo project RSD44 "Volga max" Class (on waterline length 138.9 m, width 16.5 m, depth 5.0 m, height 2.20 m coaming) are designed for inland waterways of the Russian Federation General, bulk, timber and oversized cargo, grain, lumber, potash and fertilizer, sulfur, coal, paper, building materials, steel products, as well as up to 140 containers.
Deadweight draft of 3.60 m in the river — about 5543 tons, at draft 3.53 m in the sea — 5562 tons. Hold capacity — 7090 cu. m
The operation of vessels also provided on the Volga-Don Canal (VDSK), the Volga-Baltic Canal, in the Azov Sea to the port of Caucasus and in the Gulf. Passage under Neva bridges in the St. — Petersburg and Rostov under the railway bridge (Rostov-on-Don) to be carried out without their wiring (maximum air draft when passing under bridges 5.4m).
Dimensions of the project RSD44 (overall length of 139.99 m, overall width is 16.80 m) allow for the operation of ships through VDSK, including through the "old" branch Kochetovsky gateway without treatment "spetsprovodki."
Double bottom and double sides along the entire length "of box" cargo holds (the sizes of holds: hold N1 37,8 x 13,2 m x 6,22 m, hold N2 49,8 x 13,2 m x 6,22 m) and fuel, oil and sewage tanks allow for easy loading and unloading of cargo, high operational safety of the vessel, as well as ensure the protection of the environment and the reduction of risks associated with environmental pollution in the area of operation of the vessel.
Propulsion system consists of two full-circle steerable propellers, thrusters and combining the properties of controls in a single complex, which can significantly improve the maneuverability of the vessel in tight river conditions. The vessel is equipped with two medium-speed diesels, each rated at 1200 kW, operating on heavy fuel.
Shape of the hull of ships, made a hi-tech for low cost hull works, at the same time is quite seaworthy and best for fuel consumption for a given operating conditions in the river level G-PR, which provides operational speed of 10.5 knots.
To ensure an adequate review of the water surface from the conning position, the wheelhouse is located in the ship's bow. When passing through the narrow waters and air locking control is carried out on board the ship control panels are installed on open deck on each side in the cabin.
Vessels equipped with bow thrusters of the "screw in the pipe" capacity of 120 kW.
Due to the need to enable the passage of vessels under the Neva bridges and Rostov railway bridge without wiring, residential, single-stage provided in the aft cabin boats.
In ships have all the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay of the crew on board, including advanced climate control system, the use of anti-vibration and anti-noise surfaces indoors.
Crew — 8 people, the captain and chief engineer are placed in the block cabins, others in single cabins.
It is interesting to note that at the suggestion of "Volga Shipping" the total number of seats — 16, which will take on board the students, professionals engaged in the maintenance of equipment, as well as family members of the crew (women). The latter can be a significant advantage in the selection of personnel to work on the new series.
Brought against the market demand for transport inland waterway transport in 5-10 years it will be impossible to meet due to the rapid aging of the fleet and the prospect of writing off. The railroad also can not cope with the increasing demand in the transport market, since it is already working at full carrying capacity. In this connection special importance is the problem of updating of the river dry cargo fleet by building new river boats "Volga max" class vessels to replace the "Volga-Don", "Volga" (only on Russian GDP has 161 such vessels, and vessels have pr.507B the average age is about 37 years old, etc. 1565 — '33, etc. 05074M — 22 years).
Deadweight etc. RSD44 draft of 3.60 m in the river is higher than that of most of the existing new vessels of "Volga" (Project 05074M) at 7%.
Air draft in ballast proposed vessel is only 5.4 m (loaded even less), which will allow him, in contrast to the "Volga", held under the bridges over the Neva River and Rostov under the railway bridge without wiring. As a result, the ship will save time waiting in a queue layout of bridges, which accounts for up to 20 days for navigation.
Hold capacity RSD44 project is 21% higher than the "Volga", which will allow him to not only carry large loads, but also significantly increase the load during transport "light" goods — barley, sunflower seeds, cotton, scrap metal and large diameter pipes and etc.
For the same length and width, cargo ship, etc. RSD44 has less freeboard, resulting in its module is 8% less than the vessels of "Volga", which will save up to 8% of the total costs of port and navigation charges.
Thus, the trial project RSD44, serial construction which carries Oka shipyard, represent a unique engineering complex, combining the best of the inland waterway dimensions with modern equipment and navigation equipment, which has significant advantages over existing counterparts.
The first ship of the project RSD44 "Captain Ruzmankin" was laid 24.02.10. She was launched on 23.11.10. Commissioned 20.05.11.
The second ship of the project RSD44 "Captain Zagryadtsev" was laid 27.04.10. She was launched on 12.04.11. Commissioned 16.06.11.
< strong>The third vessel of RSD44 "Captain Red" was laid 26.06.10. She was launched on 05.05.11. Commissioned 14.07.11.
The fourth vessel of RSD44 "Captain Gudovich" was laid 26.08.10. She was launched on 27.05.11. Commissioned 10.08.11.
The fifth vessel of RSD44 "Captain Sergeyev" was laid 29.09.10. She was launched on 15.07.11. Commissioned 07.09.11.
The sixth ship of the project RSD44 "Captain Kadomtsev" was laid 29.11.10. She was launched on 16.08.11. Commissioned 10.10.11.
The seventh vessel of RSD44 "Captain Afanasiev" was laid 28.12.10. She was launched on 14.09.11. Commissioned 10.11.11.
The eighth ship of the project RSD44 "Captain Urov" was laid 28.12.10. She was launched on 14.10.11. Commissioned 18.11.11.
The ninth ship of the project RSD44 "Captain Shumilov" was laid 05.05.11. She was launched on 22.11.11. Commissioned 29.04.12.
Tenth craft project RSD44 "Captain of war" was laid 22.06.11. She was launched on 18.01.12. Commissioned 29.04.12.
Vessels are being built under a leasing scheme, according to which 85% of the funds provided "United Shipbuilding Corporation" (USC) in the state support the domestic shipbuilding industry, and 15% financed by the "Volga Shipping." Terms of the scheme — subsidized by the state two thirds of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
Direct funding construction of a series carried out by the leasing company "VEB-Leasing".

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