Dunno on the ground. 2002

The fact that you read as a child, remembered for a lifetime. But often, only this time as an adult, you realize the depth reading. For example, looking at the antics of NATO in Yugoslavia, listening delusional, arrogant speech, Jamie Shea, involuntarily just remember a small Soviet children's book writer Anatoly Moszkowski's "Five in a spaceship" which heroes, students from the Earth, were on a planet inhabited by robots. At first they were not aware of it, on the contrary, they were delighted with the exceptional organization, efficiency, energy aliens cleanliness of their streets and the straightness of their roads, their smartness and not coming down with their faces constant cheerful smiles. However, the planet was not color, but on the question of which aliens could not understand what, in fact, question: what is it? They eat? Or used as a raw material? But it's our guys seemed a trifle: the main thing — there is such a civilization!

Then, when the only remaining on the planet live in a local resident was able to tell earthlings, where they were, and those around them, and most importantly — what is needed is something only their spaceship robots to other planets to turn into something like this, and earthlings had escape from the "hospitable" androids, and occurs in the book of that famous scene that immediately comes to mind at the mere sight Jamie Shea, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Madeleine Albright, and all of this fraternity. Catch up with our heroes robots brutally beaten by one of them — by the way, the one who most admired the level of their civilization — and it does not stop smiling and kept saying, "We love you!" And then being beaten by astronaut Eugene Kolesnikov says his famous phrase, "I hate them! They beat me, and themselves all swear in love! "

Well, just as NATO. One-to-one. The Alliance and its extension, you see, does not threaten Russia. And the war in Yugoslavia waged against President Milosevic, and not against the people of Yugoslavia, as they say these are real, unfortunately, the androids in his Pestryaev numerous errors leaflets Serbian language is not that they throw together with the bombs as a "declaration of love"!

With the robots from the book, fortunately, coping was simple: they had a button on the back, with the help of which they turned down an elementary. Only they knew nothing about it. And so the "protect" them is not that difficult …

And here we come to the genius, in my opinion, the product of our children's writer Nikolay Nosov "Dunno on the Moon." Anyone who imagines bad, what life under capitalism, as Lenin or Marx finds it difficult to understand or boring to read — please take and re-read this book! This — the encyclopedia of Western political, economic and daily life, written in simple, accessible language, even children! It has everything — from the cute guys like MiGs and Julio running down with the collected money of shareholders, like the boss AO MMM — until suddenly grown rich donuts as fast again impoverished, because they do not understand the nature of abuse of monopoly capitalist competition. From shorties, bares his face behind a ball hit for money — to the delight of those who have them — and to the goat, who was arrested for what he sniffed the bagel shop (in Ireland only a political scandal that broke out due to the fact that the young unemployed woman was planted in 6 years in prison for stealing a purse, and at the same time a thriving architect who got drunk and hit by a car a woman to death, the mother of two children, was released just a year — at the personal request of the Prime Minister Ahern …) . From "cheap" hotels, which, it turns out, for all the way up to the jet of hot water should be added separately to pay — to the police, who openly admits that the famous gangster Pretty Boy can buy it all with giblets …

But the most interesting, I think, the head of "Dunno on the Moon" is dedicated to wacky island. On this island dumped those poor souls that were different from all the others lived "not according to the norms of society." On the island with them very well cost: fed, watered, not forced to work, entertain every way (free movies, attractions, etc.). As a result, over time, little man, driven back to the island, without noticing, become sheep! Which then give the local rich — for shearing wool from them … and return to normal, the human world from the island there.

Every day I remember these lines, looking around him. Looking at how a child "unclog brains" to people in the West, looking at how otbarabanivayut texts seen on TV commercials children, looking at how people here think wean yourself and begin to believe that what they read in newspapers — this is their own opinion … but all the more bitter to realize that in such a dunce island western propaganda machine seeks to make in the first place our Russia, trying to make our young people, "NEZNAEK ON EARTH" — who knew nothing about her, their land , about the native history, like those poor things that amused itself by mindlessly wacky island until it turned into a sheep …

10 years ago I had the same "Eugene Kolesnikov," as the hero of the first book — I was sent an exchange student in a small Western European country, and in the 2 months I never tired of admiring its orderliness and cleanliness. At that time I did not recognize the robots. Then, by the will of fate, I was again in the same country and in a very short space of time has discovered that all the things we were taught in school, in college, at home, in Soviet society in general — not just words, not propaganda as if we do not get bored sometimes happened to hear — and indeed the reality of this world. I am a long time could not safely pass by homeless people (we have them at home then was not on the streets!). I am a long time could not understand why it is legally possible to people who are younger, for the same work to pay 2-3 times less, because of this, and why those who are older, are not able to find it at all. I could not understand how Western women can put up with the indignities suffered by women in the "civilized" world. I am a long time to get used to the fact that in these books about Soviet reality written many very ordinary lies — not even the distortion of the facts, but just an ordinary lies. And this is why people believe in such books unconditionally and blindly, as the Bible — in the Middle Ages. And the fact that many people dream to be like Bill Gates, "swimming in money and do nothing," as they put it, I do not ever get used. Well, just does not appeal me, this "historical" figure and its parasitic way of life, on either side. I do not think a sign of intelligence ability to extort money out of other people at all costs.

But that does not understand the know-nothings of the New World Order. How do they explain that? How to explain that the war in Yugoslavia is measured to us that "the rocket, which is one and a half million dollars, breaks building, which is 30,000, which means that we are NATO members, we lose" (as one friend of an American), and the fact that the 4-year-old Yugoslavian boy George in the town of Cacak in the cap goes to bed, and when asked my mother, why he did not remove, says: "This is the bomb fell on my head!". Mother's tears is measured 3-year-old Milica, who died on Easter Sunday in the bathroom of his home … Do not they read Dostoevsky about the "tears of the child." Even if he tried to read — more than "Rambo" is already available to their understanding … "Why do not you fall, when he could? What did? Crimson pants?

Swimming pool with Pe-Zhe? "(As in the movie" Kin-Dza-Dza ") -" here's the whole story! "Fortunately, today's Russian young people — in contrast to the young people of my generation 10 years ago, which began with songs by "Mirage", "I forgot everything we had been taught for so many years …" and finished the collapse of the country and the complete lack of respect not only to the ideals of our forefathers and our history, but also to his people and to ourselves — began to rise from his knees. Began to wake up after Datura air wacky island, no longer want to be programmed overseas uncles know-nothings on their land, as shown by the reaction of our young people to the events in Yugoslavia!

While there is still much work to decontaminate the island wacky (and learn to think for yourself is much more difficult than others to repeat slogans!) That it was able to recover a normal, decent person, not potreblyayusche-breeding cattle, life, — the first shoots have sprouted … And how can you not remember another time wise, prophetic film George Daneliya "Kin-dza-dza", the young hero who proudly answers the question on the animal-minded consumer level patsakov and chetlan: "And you have that, on Earth, and the river is still ? "-" And the sea and the river there, and decent people there, too! "

And this — our main force in the struggle against the cadavers of the New World Order.

Irina Malenko


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