Dutch players have scored the judge before his death on the field

41-year-old Dutch referee has died after being beaten by the players in the match junior championship. Richard was appointed to serve Novehuyzen match the Amsterdam club "Noyv slot" as a linesman, but during the game was attacked by several players on the team right.

According to the AP, after beating the referee was bad. R.Novehuyzen was taken to hospital, but doctors could not help him and he died a few hours later.

Dutch media have also reported that after the attack the referee tried to escape from attacking his players, but they caught up with him and continued beating. During the fight, he suffered multiple head injuries.

The incident took place on December 2 in the afternoon. Police detained three attackers, whose age ranges from 15 to 16 years. All players who participated in the fight, were dismissed from the team and the club was withdrawn from the competition.

"You can not believe what happened. These guys for 15-16 years. A lot of people come to the stadium to watch the game, — said the representative of the second team, "Buyten Boys' Marcel Oost. — He has worked at the games each week and he liked it very much. "

Among other things, states that for one of the teams played the son of the deceased arbitrator.


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