Effective owners resent U.S.: totalitarian power encroached on the invisible hand of the market

The head of the New York prosecutor's office announced that the fight against speculators who bid up the prices of the most essential products following the devastating Hurricane Sandy.

In particular this applies to the price of gasoline, bottled water, food and batteries.

State Prosecutor's Office has received more than 400 complaints about high prices, writes The Wall Street Journal, citing the head office of Eric Schneiderman. One of the locals said that a packet of potato, which cost up to the disaster three dollars, after the storm is sold for seven dollars. A similar situation with the matches, which price after Sandy — $ 10. For one loaf of bread in some cases asking for $ 7, prosecutors said.

"We are actively investigating hundreds of complaints from customers who complain about the profit from their business. We have zero tolerance for price inflation, "- said Schneiderman. The explanation for the high prices can only be an increase in purchase prices or expensive shipping, said the prosecutor.


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