Either return the property arrested in opposition?

Activist PBC Svetlana Mikhalchanka Svetlahorsk returned from a computer that is selected during a search the other day Euro Marsha. "I took you computer for you and I connect" — was courteous to a lady officer of the local council KGB Alex Shahin. Security officer asked the pensioner forgiveness and explained to why the computer did not return more than a month — in fact were taken to check in Gomel. But, says Svetlana Mikhalchanka, her hitherto not given some written material including book Pavel Sheremet and Svetlana Kalinkina "Accidental President." According to reports, this and other "opposition" products currently offset police.
"They asked our comrades, where books, they answered that they read — very worthy of attention. I also asked. They say even read."
A colleague Svetlana Mikhalchanka the party Sergei Dayneko with a search warrant recently visited Svetlahorsk policemen march. More arrested propaganda material sovereign Dayneko sorry reddish membership card, which also did not return.
"Later again walking. We uttered that all documents on checking in Gomel, return, then collect.’s Svetlana Kondratyevna also achieved, so that she returned home computer. And I uttered that they themselves will contact me and return it yourself. But This time nothing. "
Member of the same Grodno "Young Front" Eugene Skrabatun police returned to the European March stickers and materials "Movement For Freedom. "Activist said it all went ideological examination.
According to information from non-government sources, more than 50 activists of different opposition structures were arrested or searched recently autumn marches. Almost every one of them was arrested some property. Some, it seems, so far have not returned anything.
Activists Ales Atroschankau seized two computers, several European flag and emblem cast "race." The activist was arrested for 10 days for insulting police Tipo. Where at the moment are his computer and the things he vyznat when days are visited prosecutor.
"These things I would not have vyznat would be if he has not filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office. There I uttered that things in the KGB at checkout. Do not know what checks can be carried out with respect to EU flags and" Chase "and for another half months? Prosecutors uttered that also do not know. "
Ales Atroschankau states — will continue to fight for the fact that things are returned. As for comment by the KGB, then it turned me down.

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