End quote: 03.11.2007 — 09.11.2007

"In my opinion, in order to gather all the Communists in Minsk can be only one reason — repentance for the crimes that communism did on this earth."
Paul Seviarynets politician — about meeting in Minsk international communist and workers’ parties, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the October Revolution in Russia.
"I went to hell. Want to live till Mon to behold all the" greatness "of this place."
From a letter from Andrei Klimov Mozyr colony.
"I walked in front, next to the organizers, and I heard, as representatives of the Communists and" BPF Youth "nyazlobna so, and without a huge respect perakrykvalisya among themselves:" Down with communism "and" Down with nationalism. "Only Kaljakin they stopped, they say, provocateurs surrender to the police. On minded it was not very similar. "
Vitaly Tsigankov, columnist "Freedom" — the transfer of the "Prague accent" on the march Soc.
"In my opinion, now in Belarus no 1st reason revolutionary situation, formulated by Lenin. Authorities as they could manage, and can even a little tougher. People live normal enough. With such income even cancellation of benefits no one on the street will not do. So the opposition to take power into their own hands, too, is not ready. "
Alexander Chubrik economist — in the program "Prague accent" on the march Soc.
"I came to this action, to show that for the Popular Front, and for me personally there are no forbidden places. Government can not forbid me to come to the center October Square, they can not come to Bangalore psevdaradykaly. Main — efficiency and N radicalism. By the way, those who claimed that they radicals and youth favorites at the moment. I do not see them here, in the middle of October Square. "
Viktor Ivashkevich, deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party — about rally on October Square during the Public march.
"Demonstrators want to reincarnate in Tbilisi city of tents and we were warned that. Yeah, we warned it first as this from us and also asks the law as it is in the interests of each of our people — the legitimate desire that their city, their country will never not reincarnated as a city of tents and sleeping bags. "
Gigi Vgulava, Mayor of Tbilisi — the introduction of a state of emergency in Georgia and acceleration protests.
"In any case, there is the fact that what happens in Tbilisi — a blow to democracy.’s A big step backwards, and it calls into question the plans, which soon had read very many in Georgia and abroad — about plans NATO membership, etc. "
David Kakabadze, director of the Georgian service of Radio Liberty — the introduction of a state of emergency in Georgia and acceleration protests.
"Laziness and life on the principle of" ah … there is still time. Maybe you are lucky. "But from that laziness our men are very creative."
Rusya, vocalist of the rock band "Indiga" — in response to the question "What is the main problem of Belarusian men?" During an online conference on "Freedom".
"In modern conditions, I believe that the Social Democratic signboard more presentable for the electorate. And I would not say that Belarusians — the nature of the communist gaze. There are such a very fascinating example — last sincere Communist Valery Shchukin, recognized opposition. Now we can not say that he is a communist, he was a Social Democrat. That’s what the police batons: they each Communist able to make a Social Democrat. "
Alexander Pines, independent sociologist, former minister of labor.
"While we do not prescribe prices. It will be announced later. Someday."
Tatiana Golubovic, representative of the press service of "Gazprom" — the outcome of negotiations Vice Premier of Belarus Vladimir Semashko and Chairman of the Board of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller, which were patsverzhanyya obligations of Belarus and "Gazprom" under the contract for the supply and transit of gas in 2007 — 2011 years.

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