End quote: 17.11.2007 — 23.11.2007

"Managers frontovskih structures should not depend on nyafrontavskih decision centers. Without front unrealistic embody none tactical scenario. Paradox Milinkevich frontovskoy without support would be impossible. Front strong sequential thought and activity."
Vintsuk Vyachorka, chairman of the BPF — speaking at the meeting of the selection of delegates to the Party Congress.
"We — our sincere supporters of the president, his policies. And of course, the desire to support the president, to assist in the implementation of its plans and objectives — it is our duty."
Alexander Radkov, Minister of Education, has been elected chairman of the» public association "Belaya Rus" — from a speech at the founding congress of the union».
"Snow White Rus" — until the project is "about in store", "just in case", and the government itself does not know what happens. If it is such "BRYU adult", another parasite — it is unlikely that the project expects some crucial mission, its just over time to push into the third plan and forget. "
Starikevich Alexander, editor of the online newspaper "Solidarity" and — in the transmission of "Examination of Liberty."
"On the days of the lord Juan Carlos Chavez responded adequately to the international conference, advising Venezuelan president to be silent. Lord showed how necessary to speak with the dictator."
Vitaly Portnikov, a political analyst — the transfer of the "Prague accent"
"Caracas, not half Grodno mistakes!"
Title in Grodno newspaper "Vedomosti" the publication of the Belarusian restorers will participate in the restoration of the historic center of the capital of Venezuela.
"The course of Putin and the party" United Our homeland "of» united all Russians now. Rating Vladimir Putin and the party" United Our homeland "on the planet’s highest, nationwide. Jesus Christ and the Mother of God to Russia Vladimir Putin — forever. "
Member Forum "For Putin" — in an interview with "Freedom"
"Learn some Western professionals trained on adjacent countries — now in Russia willing to do the same."
Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation — on their own opponents.
"For disk imaging in the Belarusian language, I believe, make not that it is impossible, but it is — sin."
Ales Lipai managing BelaPAN news agency — during an online conference on the website of "Freedom".
"They asked us to come, we decided to go and reflect. Though the better to go than do not go. Since the problem was with concerts, indeed, it is. I do not exclude that, maybe nothing to trade …. In fact, nobody did not give any promises, no one was selling the country. "
Lavon Volsky favorite rock band "NRM" — a meeting of the Governing rock bands manage with the head of the presidential administration ideological Oleg Pralyaskouski.
"Dialogue cat and a mouse."
Kasia Kamotskaya, lead singer of "New Heaven" — a meeting of the Governing rock bands to manage the ideological department of the presidential administration Oleg Pralyaskouski.

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