Engineering in the United States, neither build nor ride

The U.S. nuclear industry almost dropped a new 300-ton nuclear reactor for nuclear power plants, "Vogl» (Vogtle, Georgia, USA) during its transportation from the port to the place of installation. The incident happened in the middle of December 2012, but the issue has become known only in mid-January of this year, according to the authoritative edition of the international nuclear Nuclear Intelligence Weekly.

NPP "Vogl"

The equipment was manufactured in South Korea for the power unit with the AP-1000 reactor company Westinghouse, which planned to build nuclear power plants in the U.S., "Vogl." He was then taken to the seaport of the United States Savannah (Savannah), where a special platform at the railway reactor were transported to the installation site. 

"During the transportation platform with the reactor is highly skewed and tilted sideways, nearly taking out the ground. It happened just after the start of the train, "- said NIW.

The publication notes that the main U.S. nuclear supervisory authority — Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) — learned about the incident only after the first half of January 2013 wrote about the incident in the local press.

Officials from Westinghouse, as well as company Georgia Power Co. (The owner of the nuclear power plant Vogtle) after the incident stated that the equipment has not been damaged and that the project to build two new reactors will not be moved. Earlier it was reported that two units with AP-1000 nuclear power plants, "Vogl" is scheduled to 2016-2017.

An expert in the U.S. nuclear power industry, said that the incident demonstrates the serious problems in the nuclear industry in the U.S..

"Even if the investigation reveals that no damage to equipment is not received, the incident could have a serious impact on the timing of the expansion project (the station)," Vogl. " And it shows that in fact the U.S. nuclear industry is losing its competence not only in the construction of nuclear power plants, but even in the transportation of extra heavy loads, "- he said.

At nuclear power plants, "Vogl" currently operates two power units, each rated at a little more than 1 GW running in 1987-1989.

In 2010, work on the construction site of two new nuclear power units, "Vogl" were stopped by the discovery of fraud in subcontracting companies involved Shaw Group.

Construction of the third and fourth reactors at nuclear power plants, "Vogl" — a joint project of a consortium led by Southern Nuclear Operating Co .. On blocks to be installed reactors AP-1000.

These units were the first in the U.S., whose construction guarantees allocated from the federal budget of the United States. The total amount of guarantees for the two units will be 8.33 billion dollars, while the total cost of construction, according to the latest estimates, reach $ 14 billion.

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