England in a drunken stupor

Scantily clad drunken Brits sidewalks littered New Year's Eve.  alcohol, United Kingdom, New Year.  NTV.Ru: news, videos, programs of NTV

The subjects of Elizabeth II in 2013 marked the onset of shock doses of alcohol. The police barely had time to break it up drunken fights and collect from the streets unfeeling young bodies.

In the UK, which has long surpassed the Russian Federation on the consumption of alcohol, sidewalks littered drunken scantily clad men and women who have not had the strength to rise, or at least correct clothes. The main star of the first days of the year was the police officer who conducted a live broadcast from the streets to Twitter.

According to the Daily Mail, throughout the United Kingdom, there was almost no cities where the celebration is not accompanied by excessive consumption of alcohol, fights, brawl and lewd behavior on the streets. Accompanied the publication of his "Chronicle" Christmas excesses photographs of British and British women, crawling or lying on the pavement in front of the police tired. One of the symbols of the Christmas excesses was a young girl from the town of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in red dress and with a tattoo on his thigh, which was half lying in the street unable to continue their journey.

The main chronicler of wild nights became Superintendent (Colonel equivalent) Police James Tozer. In his microblog officer, not devoid of literary talents, described how people fell to the ground and could not get up, put up a fight, took drugs and drank ten.

James Tozer, superintendent of police, "It was a night of alcohol … no matter what word to choose? Probably stupidity. Some detainees will be surprised when they show proof of their violations, some hung his head in shame. Today I saw grown men crying in the chambers of self-pity, I saw angry "bull" who refuse to listen to common sense. I have seen people who wanted to fight with the world, strong as ten men and ten men sucking. I saw those who destroyed his life and his dreams of one thoughtless action. I saw my officers who are quietly doing their duty in a hail of accusations, shouts and threats, maintaining peace and order. Now that my duty is coming to a close, I thank everyone who is doing it again and again without fear and without reproach. "


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