Enough to feed the darned intellectuals!

I usually go back home from work on the train. Here comes the train once a long-haired young man with a guitar on a belt and starts to sing something with inspiration from the repertoire of "The Time Machine". Sitting next to a tipsy Gopnik. He appealed to the artist — is good, they say, shit play, you're a normal four-string you know? Young rocker became snap — as so, it's a classic, Makar best … In short, in the end got in the face of Gopnik. And rightly so, I think, got it. For one can not in decent places to perform such vulgarity. And it's certainly not in our musical tastes …

Imagine that at some maniac broke into the house and trying to rape a mother of a family. Tired of fighting with a resisting victim, a rapist goes to the kitchen, where, as if nothing had happened, the owner is sitting at home. The criminal explains that evaporated wanted to drink, and generally hungry. And the owner of the house seats maniac at the table and treats it the best that there is in the fridge …

The situation is similar to that in which Russian are on for several decades. Imagine now that this house — our country, the owner of the house — our people, the mother of the family — is the spiritual foundation of our being, and a rapist — is the so-called intellectuals. The one that is represented by the musician Andrei Makarevich, A. Konchalovsky director, writer B.Chhartishvili (Akunin) and journalist L.Parfenova pr.pr. (We will not mention at all ahedzhaknutyh, because they do not discuss, and should be treated, in a civilized country they would have long ago taken to Kashchenko and killed tranquilizers to brain cramp finally let go and the patient would have lived the rest of life with a smile on the blessed lips .. but we are not a civilized country).

Let's go back to the pillars of our conscience. Named galaxy announced themselves as bearers of true values and entrusted himself mournful cross — sow humanism and enlightenment in this country.

But what they want to enlighten us? Now, imagine going to a village gathering of 100 people and decided to do the proceeds from the sale of the crop money to build a new brick church hill. But suddenly there was one in the crowd, who objected to the temple and called on all to spend money wisely — to invite to a concert abroad famous singer's mouth Sir Elton John. What can object to it the remaining 99 people? Shook their heads — it seems and we wound up his whacky, well God is with him. However unfortunate not let up. The village began to appear pasted ads — so you can not live, repent, retract from the bloody legacy of the Mongol yoke and start to live down a slave, crosses cut down, destroy the temple, the priests snickering shot. In short, the essence of the educational activities of so-called intellectuals in today lies.

Galaxy of creators, of course, a motley, multifaceted, and everyone in it has different degrees of harmful effects, but still they have something in common.

1. Selfless love for the West. So it seems the pleasure with which they have stuck their noses in between the buttocks of Uncle Sam sniffed and would not be able to breathe in the sweet aroma of this freedom. In the red corner have to be icons with faces of Paul McCartney and Steve Jobs.

2. Narcissism and arrogance. Their posturing like antics in front of the mirror in frozen poses Napoleon. The unprecedented confidence in their own right. The infinite self-glorification and exaltation of his services. If anyone questions the genius creators — that, of course, uneducated rednecks. But what can you do, it gives cattle to earn their bread with caviar. In the civilized world their talent for nothing broke. So you have to endure, Asiatic stank of sweat, endure and earn money on it.

3. Folly. The lack of basic knowledge of history, culture, economics, politics does not interfere with the creative intelligentsia have it all their views and impose it to others. What reforms should be carried out in the country, how to spend the budget money, how much to tanks of the Russian army, where and when to go to Putin, as children should be educated in the school — for all they have a single right answer.

4. Cynicism and an uncanny ability to bend. A certain part of the creative intelligentsia USSR, praises the Soviet regime and caressed her, was entirely composed of hawks bloody Bolshevik regime. Today they are also joined them young shoots again waging a deadly battle, but with a different totalitarian regime. In this totalitarian regime did not notice that the freedom fighters are not climbs from the screens of the central television, print articles in newspapers, publishing numerous copies of the book, giving concerts, shooting films and TV shows, and whereveron may curse the oppressive power. Mode, obviously, totalitarian, but the blind. And with the arithmetic of it is bad, because on the basis of electoral preferences in the media should be allocated 99% of the space Alexander Prokhanov and 1% Nikolai Svanidze. And in fact there is not even parity. To be invited as experts, whose voice to an alternative position, who sits on the jury, who are leading programs?

The dominance of falsehood and alien meanings emanating from the so-called creative intelligentsiantsii turned the information space in the channel of spiritual abuse and cultural genocide of the indigenous peoples of Russia. Maybe now that the country's leadership raises the question of the necessity of forming национальноориентированной political, financial and industrial elite should think about the elite and creative? What national idea can be created and developed if the architects of the human soul will remain the same. Or perezashtopaem and empty again on the matter?

Patching up of intellectuals is time to boycott. Unsubscribe from going to concerts, museums, theaters and cinemas if they are party to it. Do not listen to the radio, do not watch programs, do not buy magazines and newspapers where they are. Do not buy the products they advertise, do not sing their songs, do not read their prose and poetry. Make it so that investors were afraid to come near him, and people were ashamed to mention them. They need to become shake hands for any decent human being. To this came even Gopnik.

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