Entrepreneurs to take to the meeting on December 10

Minsk City Council allowed to hold a rally on December 10 in 12 hours in Bangalore Square. Applicants protest Toustsik Alexander, Victor Coley and Ales Makaeu who participated in the press conference, said that the meeting will take place as planned, and 12 hours on October Square.
According to the deputy chairman of the campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor track, if the area is blocked by the police, the demonstrators can go to Yanka Kupala or on a platform in front of the circus. According to track in such a situation hard to plan something. Maybe someone even put up a tent. Victor Coley said:
"Do not Bangalore. Yesterday I sat at the negotiating table in the Minsk city executive committee and say — hard. Very big load on their shoulders, I heaved. But I think legs are bent. Kneel in front of them, I will not. I said — will be square and we there will . "
Organizers of the rally in favor of the abolition of the presidential decree number 760, as a result of which jobs can lose 300 thousand people. They are protesting against the persecution of businessmen authorities. They also favor the fulfillment by the Government of the European Union criterion 12. In addition, the organizers urged businessmen to go with January 1, 2008 on leave without paying a tax.
Presidential Decree number 760 — the most violent
Favourite campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev said that the presidential decree number 760 — the toughest in the history of entrepreneurship in Belarus:
"There is a group of people who dared to say so in full voice. Our area — is the area of the whole people, and not a separate group of officials led by the main. Our task — to live in a free country, comes to the free areas and agreeing with the constitution to declare their world according to the laws that affect us. "
The press conference participants welcomed the coordinator of the campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Ales Taustyka, who yesterday came out of bullpen Akrestsin Street. Ales Taustyka was arrested for 7 days for distributing leaflets about the rally. His deputy Ruslan Lutsenko will be released on Saturday. Ales Taustyka Pronunciation:
"I wish to convey his wordsand — all that we can not break, can only harden us. "
According to Gorbachev, to the organizers of the protest under pressure from the authorities.
"You can read about listening to our phones. Come to the markets of the KGB, the Interior Ministry, the workers paradise and city executive committees, specify who and how is going to go. And all this information comes in Minsk. Authorities also sits and not willing to find out how many people will how to put this action. "
Have someone to hold rally

Organizers of the action called for solidarity and businessmen come to October Square. One of the applicants meeting Makaeu Alexander said:
"No matter how much they may be seized, no matter how many people were detained, there is someone to hold a rally. I talking about those businessmen who have passed these areas and rallies. I’m sure they will address this area. This rally we need to consolidate and protect their rights. And it’s all going to be very sound at the rally. December 10 at 12:00 I cry of the people on October Square. Area will carry the name Kalinowski. I am proud in Belarus Kalinowski there. "

Nicholas Romashin Alexander Toustsik Viktor Gorbachev, Victor Kolya, Lev Margolin

Ales Taustyka after release

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