Eurostat: almost a quarter of EU citizens live in poverty

Almost a quarter of EU citizens were in 2011 close to the poverty line. This is stated in a report released today by the EU statistical office — Eurostat.

"119.6 million, representing 24.2 percent of the total population of the 27 EU countries are on the verge of extreme poverty" — the report says the agency. As of 2010 the figure was 23.4 percent.

The exact numerical expression "coefficient of poverty" throughout the EU, there is due to the extremely high prices even spread to 17 countries in the euro zone, not to mention all the 27 EU member states. Method of calculation is based on an analysis of Eurostat three complex parameters. First, this is the level of real income / taking into account social benefits and compensations /. Second, the assessment of the feasibility of each family to pay for the minimum amount of material for the survival benefits in the area of residence, including food, housing costs, electricity and heating. The third factor is the access to the labor market, which is very different in different regions of Europe.

Under this scheme, the poorest country in the EU has become Bulgaria, where, according to the European standards, the poverty line and close to this limit were 49 percent of the population, the second place was shared by Romania and Latvia — 40 percent in the third place Greece — 31 percent.

The most affluent were Czech Republic / 15 percent / Sweden and the Netherlands / 16 percent / Austria and Luxembourg / 17 percent /. In the leading EU countries — Germany and France the situation has been stable for the past three years — the coefficient of the risk of poverty varies slightly at 19.5 percent.

In addition to the European economic and financial crisis, a significant role in raising the level of poverty play a "new Europeans" — immigrants from Africa and the Middle East, which until recent years in droves to have European citizenship, being minimally integrated into European society and economic system of the EU.

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