Even the Communist authorities have thought of Belarusian literature kill Institute

In the following Sunday in Russia parliamentary elections. Many people in Belarus closely watching the election campaign in the neighbors associated with local elections, talk about how political changes in Moscow may affect the Belarusian reality.
Creator of the 1st letter on this topic — Yuri Zenkevich of Vitebsk region:
"There, in Russia at the moment is the same as we have in the midst of the 90s. Regime authorities are basically becomes authoritarian. From election no one expects all previously know that with a huge margin overcome" Our Common homeland ", headed by Vladimir Putin. Democrats in the Duma did not pass.
Putin can, and conscientious person: his or persuaded, he went expensive Thoren Lukashenko and Asian rulers refused to rewrite the constitution for themselves, to stay in power.
But who will come after him? Where is the guarantee that that after eight years as president and will find strength within themselves to abandon the perpetual presidency? Guarantees — no.
Over Belarus in danger of again. Established a totalitarian regime in Russia — and this can lead to loss of independence. Two dictator went out and brought a common language among themselves — and Belarus will become part of the modern Russian Empire, and Lukashenko — the king. "
When it comes to the division of power, authoritarian rulers occasionally come to an agreement, the emperor Zenkevich. If Russian political elite agreed that the Kremlin throne takes Alexander Lukashenko, Belarusian, perhaps as early as the end of the 90s would not have their own independent states.
The fate of democracy in the current of, indeed, indefinitely. But whoever comes to power there, under whatever flags and slogans acted — hypothetically Belarusian-Russian union as an end, and so will end up where personal political ambitions start favorites.
Our listener Vitaly Crook from Minsk wrote on "Freedom" after hearing about the elimination of the academic literature of the Institute:
"So we waited another blow to the gut Belarusian. Liquidation Institute of Literature named after Yanka Kupala. Indeed, what could not make Russian guns and gallows Muraveva what did not go even communist power, became his 13 years. Dvesti unsuccessful operation for the liquidation of the Belarusian — and only thirteen …
They say the truth that none stranger can not make some such harm, as your own. A couple of years — and it is our lost not only from official documents, but generally die. It’s a shame Belarus. "
Hardly, Vitali, the elimination of the 1st Research Institute will be such fatal and frisky consequences for the fate of the language. Recall: in the nineteenth century, there was not that institution, which would examine national literature and language — books and newspapers in the Belarusian virtually unreleased. There was no Belarusian-language education, no scientific basis, no textbooks …
However, then the language lived in farm hut and Belarus was largely farming state. At the moment — other difficulties. Although the risk of (here you Vitaly, right) — all the same: the existence of language, his perspective, his status in the society.
Our student of Eugene Stuzhynski Nesvizha as activist of the Union of Poles, was an eyewitness to the incident at Reddish church in Minsk on November 11. In his letter to the emperor so Stuzhynski describes the case:
"Suddenly there was a group of young tough-minded people (about 10 ka man). They were in military trousers, knitted caps on their heads. I walked in the midst of the latter, and beheld all right. They swore and shouted insults at the address of the Poles, pensioners, among which were ladies.
All wrestle collapsed on the heads of people who do not have time to go into the room, because there are already logged diplomats. Later each neprelichnoe word hooligans reinforced spitting. They spit on top of people.
These hooligans do someone’s order because they knew exactly the celebration, and protected when people come out of the church. Of course, they want to provoke us to make the hassle. But slightly late, and provocation failed. That’s what happens in the center of Minsk. "
I recall that evening the Polish Embassy in Belarus organized a celebration of days of independence, and specifically invited to this celebration came under insults unknown intruders.
Usually in such activities that are carried diplomatic consulate stares police. Especially since, All that happened in the town center, next to the Government House. But that evening and place unknown hooligans acted entirely unpunished.
Fascinating recollection of stories told of his family in a letter to "Freedom" our listener Vladimir Bashkirov of Mogilev.
"My father, Nikolai Bashkirov first fifty years (when he was still alive," father of nations ") worked at Mogilev tannery head of the laboratory. Using the fact that the workplace was constantly alcohol, they often drank special department chief.
At one point, he says the Pope, "Nikolai, do not know what to do: come distribution list for another 2 persons (in other words, to" enemies of the people "). I have everyone can give.’s Just you … "Father numb. But this time something happened. And soon and "dignified leader" died.
When dad is my first time told, I loaf that he was joking. It was only much later vyznat whole truth about the Bolsheviks.
Therefore I was very struck when the first November in Minsk to us descendants and adherents of the Bolshevik congregate with sewage around the world on their own coven. I would like to know who called them here and at whose expense they stayed here? I understand if they are called to discover Moscow Zyuganov: he certainly has not run out of funds of the CPSU. And here we are with it? "
Organizers of the meeting of the number of pro-government Belarusian Communists say that everything was paid for from their own contributions. Approval does not sound very plausible, but who their reality check?
Initially thought the whole event with panache. Some even implied that on the world map as a result will be a new center of international communism. But the center did not come to Minsk came mostly minor person, and eventually Alexander Lukashenko did not even honored them with his presence.
At the end of a letter from Tatiana Barrel of Asipovichy:
"I once heard your radio Russian Belarusian, which states that can not stand whiteRussian language. Ponder: it is said to their forefathers! I myself appreciate all Belarusian, I know how important it is to keep the treasure descendants.
The time I did not have the feeling that I live in the criteria of occupation, which has long warned Zenon Pozniak. This feeling came after visiting quite near abroad — Ukrainian Lviv. Carpathian live by their language, history, culture and faith.
And all of Ukraine can not call someone a region — is an independent country. And everything in it will be fine.
Vorachivayas home, the first time I looked at her in the eyes of a foreigner. And saw it Russia. Language, media, pop music, school, documentation — all Russian. And where is Belarus?
Return this our country! — I demand from managers and officials of all ranks, and pray to God that gave them the mind quickly. "
Ukrainian Carpathians, Galicia tormented by Russification exclusively for forty-five years of the twentieth century. This does not compare with 2 recent centuries, which remain in the Russian Empire (and later Russian Union) Belarus or Eastern Ukraine.
Memories from visiting or Dnepropetrovsk Donetsk you, Mrs. Barrel could be completely different than from Lviv.
Naturally, almost all the time when Belarus, Ukraine and steel are independent states, is dependent on the state government’s policies. But not only therefrom. If public opinion vigorously resisted Russification in Belarus — sure,
the language situation here would be completely different.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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