Extremist States

Now, in the U.S. there are more than 800 extremist groups who profess an ideology of hatred towards members of another race, religion, or sexual orientation. Some 200 extremist organizations declare that they are willing to resort to violence to achieve their goals. The exact number of extremist organizations in the United States is not known, it is not known how many Americans become their members and how much sympathetic to their ideology.

According to Robert Barnema Robert Burnham, head of the FBI FBI, engaged in the fight against terrorism, local, all these heterogeneous groups and movements in common — hatred for the current U.S. government.

Extremist organizations have created black Americans (the most famous of them, "Nation of Islam" Nation of Islam), the neo-Nazis and skinheads ("Aryan Nation" Aryan Nations, "World Church of the Creator" World Church of the Creator, "National Alliance" National Alliance), the separatists ("Republic of Texas" Republic of Texas), and the far-left anarchists ("Workers World Party" Workers' World Party, "Carnival against Capitalism" Carnival Against Capitalism), aggressive defenders of nature ("Animal Liberation Front " Animal Liberation Front and the" Earth Liberation Front " Earth Liberation Front). The oldest and best-known extremist organization the United States — "Ku Klux Klan" Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

According to the FBI FBI, extremists are likely to commit acts of terrorism, regardless of ideological motives. The peak of their terrorist activity came in the early 1980s, with the most bloody terrorist acts committed leftist groups. The largest number of crimes that can be qualified as acts of terrorism committed extreme right, extreme left-wing groups, as well as some of the organizations that protect the rights of animals.

For example, in 1999, right-wing extremists to commit acts of terrorism in California. Then the association "Alliance Southern States" Southeastern States Alliance, tried to start a campaign of terror in several southern U.S. states to paralyze the activities of local authorities and, in the long term, a coup d'etat. Far-left and anarchist groups are most dangerous during mass protests: for example, they lead a group of anti-globalists, who periodically organize riots in major cities. Aggressive defenders of nature, such as "Animal Liberation Front" and "Earth Liberation Front" at the end of the 1990s, organized a series of bombings and arson attacks in the United States. Timothy McVeigh Timothy McVeigh, in 1995 organized the explosion of an office building in Oklahoma City (168 people were killed and more than 500 wounded), made the biggest terrorist attack in U.S. history, which could eclipse the only attack September 11, 2001, organized by bin Laden.

Before the terrorist attacks of 2001, the FBI considered the most dangerous American extremist terrorists. Repeatedly documented their attempts to gain access to weapons of mass destruction. For example, in the mid-1980s, extremist Christian organization, acting under different names, but most often use the name "Sword" Sword and the "hand of the Lord" Arm of the Lord, devised a plan to cyanide contamination of tap water in most major U.S. cities . In 1990 the racist group "Minnesota Patriots Council" Minnesota Patriots Council for the same purpose sought to acquire ricin. Also, there have been some cases where people have taken similar steps, formally not part of the extremist structures, but sympathized with them.

Crimes based on religious, ethnic, racial or sexual hatred hate crimes (the latter include phone calls, letters or statements that contain threats or insults, unfair dismissal or refusal to hire, assault, etc.) are relatively few common U.S..

Each year in the United States is made more than 8 thousand "hate crime", but the victims do not always report them to the police. For example, the estimated Southern Poverty Law Center in Alabama just performed each year to 50 thousand of such crimes. According to Michael Barkan Michael Barkun, Syracuse University professor and author of several books on the far right in the U.S., about the beginning of the 1990's there has been a significant increase in the number of hate crimes committed by the far right.

It is interesting that the far right and far left extremist organizations in the U.S. are positive about the activities of Islamic terrorists. In particular, after the September 11 attacks is one of the extreme right-wing groups, the United States, in general, with hatred relating to Muslims and Arabs, congratulated the "Islamic freedom fighters" because their activities are helping to destroy the current unjust world order. In a statement, the neo-Nazi groups Sheriff's Posse Comitatus declared: "They (the Islamists — Washington ProFile) destroyed the World Trade Center burned and ruled the children of Satan in it — the Jews, who will no longer have power over our lives." David Duke David Duke, the leader of the Ku Klux Klan said that the cause of these attacks was that "too many American politicians turn a blind eye to the fact that the U.S. supports the most terrorist state on earth — Israel." Left-wing extremists who have traditionally supported the Palestinians against Israel, is also quite praised the actions of the members of "Al Qaeda." Left-wing groups were able to organize some notable protest against the anti-terrorist operation in Afghanistan.

U.S. intelligence agencies are increasingly fixed contacts between representatives of American extremist groups with international terrorist organizations. Particularly active in the neo-Nazis and of the "Black Muslims."

List of terrorist organizations in the U.S.

Ku Klux Klan (Ku Klux Klan, USA)

Created in 1864 after the Civil War and was officially disbanded voluntarily in 1869 (violence informal groups under the name of CCC continued until 1872).

Re-created in the early 1920s. Originally KKK occurs in the southern states as a secret organization dedicated to the unstable conditions of the Civil War to protect the property and interests of white people. The members of the KKK priderzhivaeyutsya fundamentalist Protestantism in the form. Later KKK evolves into right-wing radical racist organization, ideology and political activities which are characterized as anti-Semitic, anti-Communist, anti-Catholic, SSC takes attacks on blacks and Republicans, recently identify themselves with the movement against abortion, especially negatively perceives the activity of the federal government.

Consists of many small independent groups, some of which exhibit a high degree of propensity to violence.

Activists there from 4000 to 6500 (in the U.S., where in 1981 the number dropped to 10,000 KKK; 400 is KKK England). In a move composed predominantly middle-aged workers.

CCC has extended the area of operations in the United States, Canada, England. Financed by own funds.

Types of actions: nightly attacks on minorities (especially blacks), arson, bombings, the accumulation of weapons and military training.

Movement of policy papers published in collections: Klan Kourage, White Patriot, Torch, White Beret Courier.

The Aryan Nation (Aryan Nations, Church of Christian Aryan Nations, Church of Jesus Christ Christian)

The largest U.S. organization of white supremacists, established in 1974. Integrates numerous racist groups.

Consider the representatives of the European people as a lost tribe of Israel; sharply negative attitude toward Jews (accused of Satanism), and black (as incapable of self-governance). The U.S. federal government is considering as a "Zionist Occupation Government» (ZOG), controlled by Israel. Guided by Christian Protestant fundamentalism.

As a political objective Academy addresses the need for the expulsion of members of national minorities and the creation of the territory of the five states of the North-West of the Aryan state.

The founder of the Academy of Sciences — Girnt Richard Butler, the ideologue — Dr. Wesley Swift (died in 1970). Other leaders: Carl Franklin, Louis Bam, Bruce Bedsvurt, Floyd Cochran.

The headquarters is located in Idaho. The organization has 500 members and supporters in an amount of from 6,000 to 15,000.

Organizes bank robberies, bombings and murders holds. The arrested activists of the Academy of Sciences is actively campaigning in prisons, seek to recruit new members. Declare the need to destroy members of the government, develop the tactics of urban guerrilla warfare.

In 1987 in Idaho spent five explosions, causing minor damage. A number of leaders have been accused of anti-government conspiracy.

They tried to get funding and arming of foreign states. In contact with the right-wing, neo-fascist and Christian fundamentalist organizations: the Ku Klux Klan, Militia of Montana, Nevada Volunteers, Mountain Church, Teutonic Unity, the Euro-American Union, the Aryan Brotherhood, Posse Comitatus, National Socialist German Workers Party — Foreign The organization, Christian Defense League. With the "Nation of Islam" by Louis Farrakhan organize the debate about the best way to create two pure states rasrvr.

The ideological principles of the Academy of Sciences published in books: Calling Our Nation, National Chronicle, The Way.

Financed by own funds.

The Aryan Republican Army (USA)

ARA — the military wing of the North American neo-Nazis, one of the branches of "militia". Consists of white Catholics and Protestants.

Objective — to establish an Aryan republic to destroy the Liberals, Socialists, Jews and non-ferrous.

The work of trying to follow the experience of the IRA. Mark Thomas, the ideologist of the APA, said that "the anti-colonial movement ARA has the same essence as the anti-colonial movement of the IRA."

Currently, arming, hoarding ammunition and explosives. U.S. authorities suspected of robbing 18 banks.

Church of the Creator (Church of the Creator, White Beret, White Ranger, USA)

Right-wing racist, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic organization that was formed with the slogan "Racial Holy War» (Racial Holy War or RaHoWa).

Founded in 1973. The founder and first director (Pontifex Maximus) — Ben CAT (committed suicide in 1993. Klassen's successor from 1992 — Charles Altvater — sentenced to 18 years for a series of sabotage.

Carried out bombings, assassinations and kidnappings. The objects of militant attacks CAs are African-Americans and Jews, as well as police and other government agencies. In 1993, July, in Los Angeles exposed attempt to carry out a series of murders against Jews and blacks institutions and individuals, which should trigger a race war. At the same time sabotage against the government agency in Tacoma performed by Jeremy Gordon Knesalom.

Financed by own funds.

CA published a number of software works: Eternal Religion of Nature (Nature's Eternal Religion — the first manifesto of the group, released in 1973), The Bloody Truth about inflation and financial enslavement (The Brutal Truth About Inflation and Financial Enslavement — The Federal Reserve Board — The Most Gigantic Counterfeiting Ring in the World), the White Man's Bible (The White Man's Bible — the second manifesto, published in 1981).

Have contacts with right-wing character of the following organizations: The American National Front, Aryan Nations, White Aryan Resistance, the John Birch Society, have links with similar organizations in Canada (Front Heritage), England, South Africa (Civil Cooperation Bureau), Sweden. CAs are in irreconcilable enmity with the Ku Klux Klan because of the deviation from the CA Christianity.

The Civil Police (USA)

White Americans volunteer unit of origin, combining the idea of opposition to the government, the protection of traditional American values, such as individualism, the priority of individual rights over the interests of the state, the superiority of the white race.

Mobilizing factor for the "policemen" are challenging the traditional American world order on the part of modern political institutions and the corrupting influence of urban civilization. "Enough of drugs and crime, violence and bloodshed pretty, pretty Waco (town, near which was a farm where killed members of the" Branch Davidian "- KJ) and other attacks on American Christians."

The most famous ideologist — William Pierce, who described in his book "The Diary of Turner's" anti-government uprising, beginning with the explosion of the FBI building (the story was the basis for the film "Arlington Road"). Peirce's ideas have inspired Timothy McVeigh bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City (1995), thereby avenging the deaths of David Koresh and his followers.

The tactics of the struggle: the decentralization of resistance, of fighting against the many "small groups" consisting of family members, close friends, which prevents the penetration of the FBI agents. The militia is an area that provides communication and interaction between like-minded people here ripen idea of resistance.

From the ranks of participating in the activities of the militia members came out, "Republic of Texas", led by Richard McLaren, seized in 1997 two hostages, demanding in exchange for the release of the referendum on the restoration of the sovereignty of Texas, "Serpent Squad" (Arizona), 12 members of which were arrested for armed robbery, illegal possession of weapons and explosives, "Christian patriots Idaho," "Sons of Gestapo," in 1996.H derail train in Arizona (1 person was killed, 78 wounded), announcing this action in retaliation for the assault, "Branch Davidian"; The Aryan Republican Army, whose members are engaged in far bank robberies; Army of God, from 1980 to the present, made a couple of explosions, the last — 02.02.1998 in the building of the medical center to protest against abortion.

Black Panther (USA)

Organization founded in autumn 1966 in Oakland, California. Founders: Huey Newton (later was in the MWP, received 15 years for the murder of a police officer), Robert Powers.

PE figures considered themselves "children of Malcolm" [Malcolm Kid — one of the leaders of the "Black Muslims."] It was built as a national party organization blacks, based on the ideas of segregation, so were the initiators of the state of emergency "government" job. R.Sil — head of the party, Newton — "Minister of Defense". "We want land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice and peace. People change or abolish the government and create a new form of government, which should be based on such principles, and such an organization of power, which would provide a safe and happy people. "

Members are constantly carried a weapon "in self defense", have made attacks on whites, police. Since 1969, the organization is cooperating with white radicals identify themselves as Marxist-Leninists. Together with other extremist movements hold Congress' united front against fascism. " 04/02/1969 21-member organization charged with the preparation of an explosion on the railway, the police conducted a large-scale campaign to destroy the state of emergency. 28 leaders were killed, hundreds of rank and file members — were arrested. After the defeat of part of the movement's leaders became part of the MWP. Militants "Black Panthers" continue to act so far in the various left-wing radical Islamist and terrorist groups around the world.

Violence Against Abortion Movement (Anti-Abortion Violence Movement, United States)

Developed in the United States and Canada since the 1970s. Proponents of the movement in favor of banning abortion. Opravdyvyut fight the need to preserve lives, which is reflected in the names of terrorist cells.

Mobilizing factor is the militant struggle with the federal government.

AAVM is the collective name includes numerous groups at any given time, carried out the acts of violence against institutions for abortions. Conglomerate groups include: Defenders of Life (Advocates for Life); American Coalition of Life Activists (American Coalition of Life Activists); Christian Action Group (Christian Action Group); Defensive Activity (Defensive Action); Action Network for Life (Pro-Life Action Network ) Rescue of America (Rescue America) and other groups. The leaders of the movement are: Jeffrey Baker, Jane Bray, Michael Bray, John Brokhoft, Donald Tresman etc.

The activities DNPA common to the greatest extent in Florida, California, Houston, Dallas, Norfolk.

Terrorists use arson, bombings, destruction of property offering abortion clinics, killing abortion doctors conducting and supporting politicians.

Organize training centers for like-minded people that teach the organization and planning of military operations.

Financed by own funds.

Movement publishes its own magazine «Life Advocate» and other periodicals.

Activists DNPA supposed to be in contact with the right-wing movements, "police", the Ku Klux Klan, a radical U.S. Taxpayers Party and struggling to taxation "Komitatus Squad" (responsible for several armed attacks and explosions). The movement is not one, but well coordinated its activities. In the past two years, using firearms, explosives and poisonous gases militants movement had five people were killed, eight wounded.

Jamaat ul-Fukra (U.S. — Pakistan)

Jamaat ul-Fuqra, Impoverished, Jamaat al-Fuqra, Jihad Council for North America, Muhammad Commandos, Muslims of the Americas, Soldiers of Allah

Today the most dangerous terrorist organization of Islamic extremists operating in the United States. DF established in 1980 in Brooklyn, New York, as a result of the split of "Black Muslims." Over time, the impact has extended to Pakistan (helped by the invasion of the Soviet Army in Afghanistan), and North Africa.

Ideologically oriented to the restoration of the "pure" Islam. Implementation of Islamic doctrine DF become traditional organizations of this type of terrorism and the desire to create isolated settlements in the rural areas to practice the faith and to protect themselves from the influence of Western culture. A significant number of these villages are located in North America.

At the head of the organization are Pakistani Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani (Sayid Mubarak Ali Shah Jilani Hashemi), Hussein Abdallah (USA), the former Pakistani intelligence agent Imtiyaz.

Center of the organization is in Pakistan (Lahore), American headquarters is located in New York City. DF is composed of numerous cells that are not directly subordinate to a single leadership.

DF conducts military operations in Canada, the Caribbean, the United States (Arizona, Colorado, New York, Pennsylvania, North-West), Pakistan, India. Conducting combat operations in India from Pakistan in the interests of Kashmiri separatists. In the United States have made DF armed attacks and bombings against not share the views of DF Muslims and members of other ethnic and religious minorities: the Hare Krishnas, Hindus, Jews.

DF is coordinating with terrorist groups Kashmiri terrorists (Hizb ul-Mujahedin, etc.), the Philippines and Islamists in Afghanistan, Hamas, "Black Muslims", Pakistani and Iranian intelligence services, the ruling in the Sudan, "National Islamic Front."

In its ranks has up to 300 active fighters and supporters to 3000.

Financed by own funds and donations of supporters.


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