F.Luk ‘Ivanov: Question — what Putin will do with this result?

Drakakhrust: "How do you assess the results of these elections and this election campaign?"
Lukyanov: "In 1996, in 1999, as at the moment, was a very strong sensual degree, the general introduction of political technologies, with each time it has intensified. But at the moment the power was virtually no enemies and all the power stroke fell on the public consciousness. Elections continue quite nasty tradition that has developed in Russia.
Feature of today’s campaign can be considered that the content was divided into one hundred percent on the form. That company, which in recent weeks has led "United Our homeland" and Putin had no substantive basis, not counting correctly counted for Political Technologies. The whole campaign was focused on results, and the result was not so much the percentage of votes for the "United Russia", as the highest turnout. Well, the result achieved. Now it seems that the Duma will be almost similar to the previous — both in composition and mechanism of its work. Question, which was basic, it remained — that Putin will do with this result, That no one knows. "
Lukyanov: "I will say a very unusual thing, and I can very wrong, but it seems to me that the election results, as well as general actions of recent months suggest that Putin leaves. And task that it faces, it will provide Myagenkaya, guaranteed against unnecessary consequences care.
Crossroads were passed at a time when Putin did not go on the way Nazarbayev and Karimov, Lukashenko and did not change the Constitution. He could do many times and it is not difficult, it would be popular in society. By not very obvious reasons, this method is not Putin went. And now Putin and everyone understands that power in Russia can be only one — you’re president, you either have not any public favorite, and a personality that can have a huge impact, but it is quite another. "
Drakakhrust: "What will be the reaction of the West to the Russian Duma elections? Reactions and the degree of fairness and transparency of the elections, and the actual outcome, the fact Our homeland that is what it is? "
Lukyanov: "The actual result, if it is about the same as exit polls show he is not ugly, it’s not 85%" United Russian Federation. "You can refer to the fact that people said their word. If we take the results of liberal parties, to bolshennomu chagrin, they are very similar to the truth. waged against them very dirty and dishonest campaign, but the popularity of these parties and these favorites in society, to put it mildly, is low.
As for the reaction of the West, the utter observers that the elections are not a hundred percent satisfied all standards that television favored one party. They utter and small irregularities in the voting process. I believe that large violations during the vote actually was not. Modern advanced authoritarian regimes, such as Kazakh or Russian, learned do, so the vote was fairly clean. Everything is decided to vote a day or through propaganda and other means. Nothing new in the realization West Russia these elections did not bring. Our homeland outlook West, in the best case, apprehend note, at worst — wag his hand, and nothing more will happen. "
Drakakhrust: "The Emperor Lukyanov, how, in your opinion, affect the ideological background to the election do RF with its neighbors — the Baltic states, Belarus, Ukraine, the Caucasus countries?"
Lukyanov: "As for the tone, then the anti-Western impulse has been associated with the elections. Anything read in the last week, Putin was based on conventional thinking that full praeksplyuatavali in 1996: to prevent revenge forces past. ’96 this year were communists now — "dashing 90" as we now they say, the oligarchs and associated West. This presentation reflects the Russian elite, but nakruchvanne, nadmuvanne this topic — it palittehnalegiya clean water. Because all that read Putin in Luzhniki about dragons and stuff, I did not direct attention to it, it was a carefully calculated speech to mobilize the electorate.
With regard to the forthcoming, it is not yet clear, it’s unclear what the final version will elect Putin, and whom he would propose to the president. It is clear that business with the West will never return to the model that was in the 90s and in the first years of Putin’s rule, when our country was based on the fact that we still integrate into the Western world.
Now the other eye, that we will not be built anywhere. As for relations with Belarus, it is all easy. Result of Putin’s time is what to do with economic policy ran to. Yes, there is a military component, these recent discussions about "Iskander", but it seems to me that this is still more of a game. But gas and oil transit — that it is at the moment the essence of Russian-Belarusian relations. No alliance, no one builds. This is the legacy of Putin in this direction. That will do after the president? I believe that to revive the alliance, nobody will not be able to, and the rest is almost all depend on developments in Belarus itself. "
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