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Child's mother hung on a hanger for the night. Father son dipped his feet in boiling oil. Stepmother brought hot knife to his genitals stepson with a threat to cut them. The couple persuaded the woman for $ 8,000 to bear and give birth to a child, and then made him a "hero" of pornographic films — the boy was the victim of eight pedophiles. The epidemic of total violence against children has covered the U.S..

Beat shovel for educational purposes

We are in Arizona, in the office Childhelp — the largest national non-profit organization dedicated to assisting victims of child abuse. The staff showed us hundreds of letters of revelations. In these lines — crippled lives, warped lives, broken psyche. Fear and pain.

Ronald: "I was an active, talkative boy. Mother stopped up my mouth — held a towel on his face, until I started to wheeze and screaming that I could not breathe. I think mother hated us. Heard she beat her older sister, accusing her that she slept with her father. " As a result, the boy ran away from home, but found no protection and relatives. Cousin, who worked at a gas station one day as punishment stuck in her mouth teen rubber bight for inflating tires and let the air. Internal organs Ron were broken in pieces, his doctors could barely pumped. Only many years later, he decided to tell his story.

Brenda: "My mother started beating me from infancy. I remember I was hiding under the bed when she threw me in all that fall under the arm: irons, vases, chairs. This nightmare lasted until I finished primary school. It seemed to me that all behind. But then things took over my father … The last time he beat me in the day of my eighteenth birthday. I ran away, moved to another city. Now I communicate with them by phone only. It's safer. Recently learned that they took receiver boy. Hopefully, though to him they will be kinder. "

Heavenly: "My stepfather beat me with a shovel. Seared buttocks curling irons. One hit in the face so that I almost went blind. He forced me to drink chemicals, eating food from the garbage barrel, threatened to feed feces … Now I'm 19 years old, I am constantly depressed, I can not build a normal relationship with people. "

Lee: "Four years of bullying at home. I survived a suicide attempt, now I can smile. But the scars remain. The closest people took away my innocence and my childhood was stolen. Will I ever be truly free? These monsters raped my soul, my mind and killed dug grave to my heart. "

Five deaths every day

Facts from the report Childhelp child abuse in the U.S. are shocking. Each day only for reasons related to violence in the country killed more than five (!) Children. Over the past 10 years, from the home of arbitrary killing four times as many children as soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thus, the authors conclude, on this indicator the U.S. established anti-record among all developed countries. The most widespread child abuse — neglect of their lives and interests (78.3%). In second place — physical abuse (17.6%), then there is sexual abuse (9.2%) and psychological (8.1%). Every year, 3.3 million fixed reports of violence over 6 million children.

Four of the five who were killed in the violence, and the children did not have five years. In this case, approximately 60% of the cases on the death certificate does not indicate that the cause was just bad treatment. The true causes of death of children are trying to hide.

"The worst thing that every godomsituatsiya in the country is only getting worse," — said the director of development Childhelp Michael Medoro. Since 1998, when the Childhelp began keeping such statistics, this monstrous figure has almost doubled. "Child abuse in our country is absolute in all socio-economic groups, all cultures, ethnic and religious communities, regardless of the educational level of the family. We take note of the fact that about 30% of abused children, and later, as adults, are also beginning to make fun of their own children, continuing the horrible cycle of inhumane. "

Last year, BBC journalists had documented investigation and came to the monstrous conclusion that for the last 10 years, more than 20,000 children have died in the U.S. in his own home — at the hands of family members. They are named as the main reason for such cruelty to children poverty. It sounds absolutely crazy towards the most developed country in the world, but the fact remains — the majority of problem families in need of assistance, it does not receive, and the children, in turn, is not protected by the state.

From school in handcuffs

The U.S. government does not stand on ceremony with his young citizens. The threat of life imprisonment of children lies in wait in the street and even in school. From the American educational budgets are shrinking. Teacher qualifications — all below. All this has led to a policy of intolerance, which ends insulation, restriction of freedom, exile and — increasingly — the involvement of law enforcement agencies to punish the children.

News of the shocking incidents are full of headlines all states without exception. In Brooklyn autistic 5-tap-hole of a preparatory class was injured policemen. They were called to the school when the boy became hysterical, and the teachers did not know what to do. Police arrived just tied the boy strapped to a stretcher and taken to a psychiatric hospital. When arrived at the scene mother and grandmother tried to stand up for the boy, the police handcuffed the two and grandmother on top of a broken rib.

In Albuquerque police handcuffed 7-year-old student. Police called after the child began to run around the class, scream and shoot rubber bands at the teacher.

In Atlanta, a disabled student Tony Smith sued the local police and school officials for what he was kept chained to 7:00 closet. Tony was a witness of how one student took another two dollars. Police did not find anything smarter, how to use "restriction of movement" for extract information from a child.

In the state of Idaho police handcuffed and arrested 8-year-old Evelyn Tauri. The incident began when Evelyn was not allowed in school because she was dressed in your favorite hoodie with embroidered cartoon cow. Teachers do not sweat much. The girl started screaming and waving his arms, the teacher called the police, who took away Evelyn in prison for juveniles.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, the list of such accidents is increasing day by day. School principals do not take into account the characteristics of today's children. So, it's 6-year-old Seles Johnson has received a lot of publicity this year. She threw a tantrum in the principal's office, but he did not calm her down, but just called the police, who put handcuffs on the child.

The American Union for Civil Liberties (ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union) have confirmed that all states dramatically increased the number of cases where school authorities use police to punish the children for the simple daily antics. Moreover, this tactic is used without a healthy child or a disabled person is.

The number of disabled children in the United States has been steadily increasing. Every year the proportion of people with a variety of intellectual, emotional and cognitive delays in development. It would seem that such statistics should worry the authorities at all levels, but in fact the situation is just the opposite, and the school authorities are increasingly resorting to force the police to punish students.

Human rights activists in Oregon say that the practice in the first place, it affects children with disabilities. There were even cases of death. And it's not just ordinary schools. To pacify children with mental illness used by the police even in special schools, where, apparently, have to work prepared by the teacher.

For example, a patient Children's Health Center in Yonkers 16-year-old Corey Foster died after police used force due to the time of his arrest. It was later revealed that the involvement of the police to punish violators of discipline — a common practice at the center. In Jackson (Mississippi), students of special schools for the suppression also handcuffed. In the state of Texas over the past two years, 18,000 teachers once used handcuffs to punish misbehaving pupils. A school Rotenberg Center for violent calm autistic children generally used by electric shock.

Homemade sex abusers

Again, we leaf through the pages of letters. Sexual violence against their own children has become a real scourge of modern America.

Cheryl: "I remember that I have already started to beat in four years. Burn scars from cigarettes and hot coffee "decorated" my hands on the rest of your life. His mother remarried and his stepfather raped me, underage, in her eyes. He made me watch them have sex. Mother forced me into prostitution, forced to take drugs and alcohol. I ran away from them in 16 years. "

Jesse: "I have been abused by his father and grandfather. The first raped me of my own father. And when the summer my parents sent me to the grandparents, and so did his father. Grandpa every day made me crawl naked on it and engage in oral sex. I have always said that what happens in the family, and should stay in the family. Many years later, came the realization that to me made these men. "

Arians: "My parents divorced when I was about a year. Then my mother came boyfriend. He moved us to live. My mother worked a lot, and I stayed with him one on one. First he showed me pornography, demanded that I did not say my mom. Then he forced his penis to initiate and engage in oral sex with him. Threatened. I started buying sexy clothes, underwear, thongs, so I wore it and looked at him as he masturbated. Much of what was happening, he photographed on a mobile phone. Soon, he got tired of it, and he raped me. Then again. I cried and begged him to stop. I lost my virginity at the age of 12. My mother did not believe me, called "whore", said I was slandering her boyfriend. Now I am 16 years old and I already have a daughter. But if I forget what to do with me? If she does not turn into a monster? ".

One perversity, sexual immorality and depravity of modern America this problem can not explain. Its roots are much deeper. This partly contributed to the spread by American doctors and teachers opinions on asexuality children expressed from the middle of the XIX century. Plays a role and the cultural heritage of those times when the children were the property of "movable" — parent-owner has absolute control over their life and death. The predominant opinion was that the children are not sensitive, can not respond to abuse and remember violence on themselves.

Well! For the sins of the parents teaching their own bodies pay their offspring. And if you look beyond that and all of society. Children who have been abused, 60% more likely to become juvenile delinquents and 30% more likely to go to prison as an adult. Among all women prisoners in the United States in more than a third were victims of childhood abuse. And the rate among drug users in general reaches two-thirds.

But worst of all, that the "one-story" America used to all this and considers the physical and sexual abuse of minors is almost an integral part of social life. Hell, that's going on in American homes, has become so routine that it almost does not pay attention — the press coverage given only absolutely horrific cases. As a result, America has always noticing the mote in another's eye, lives quietly with a huge beam in your own. Log, gave birth to a real epidemic. The epidemic of child abuse!

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