Favorite interview at the Palace of Proleskovsky: While positive memory

Khomenko: "We directed attention a number of problems and misunderstandings that exist in relations between bureaucrats and musical groups. In turn, expressed his desire Proleskovsky assist in resolving all issues identified and musicians drew attention to the need to stay out of political appeals. "
Karatkevich: "Do you believe in the promise that the format of your role in the FM radio stations expand after meeting? "
Khomenko: "As long as the memory is really positive."
Karatkevich: "What is the reason that you agreed to go to this meeting — before you were on the stocks, which were organized Belarusian opposition, but at the moment you went to a representative government. Why is that?"
Khomenko: "In primarily, the fact that we have never denied the ability of such a dialogue. Another thing, so that such efforts were bilateral. And when we were offered this meeting, we decided that renounces similar idea is stupid. "
Karatkevich "please specify: our disk imaging, you promised that if your presence in the municipal media you will not act in the course of political action?"
Khomenko: "That does not sound so that we stood up and said," pledge. " No, on the contrary, this conversation was accomplished benevolent mood, while expressed mutual desire that all difficulties should be resolved at the criteria when the musicians would remain outside the political appeals. We had read not about under what flag or for what reason we will appear on the scene — we had read about, that creativity and plainclothes position which has every musician should be distributed. "
Karatkevich: "And you have raised someway question nedavneshney ban the concert of "Neuro Dubel", and what was the answer? "
Khomenko: "Certainly, in fact everything. He suggested that it was a misunderstanding."
Belarusian authorities promise to rock stars lifting the ban on their performance, 21.11.2007

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