Female circumcision

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Subject circumcision does not lose popularity among physicians. Barely subsided passion around male circumcision as an approach quite scandalous news about already female version of this procedure. But if circumcision (ie, removal of the foreskin of the penis) in theEventually called almost savior of the male population of the world fromHIV, here's a cutoff clitoris and the labia minora, the situation is reversed.

However, you should immediately make a reservation. Under female circumcision can be interpreted two different operations:

  • One of them — the mucosal excision of the hood that closes clitoris, and the removal of redundant overgrown labia minora. It is medical operation and no significant consequences, other than a cosmetic effect, it does not.
  • Another kind — a traditional ritual circumcision, practiced to this day in more than 30 countries in Africa. This operation made not for medical or aesthetic reasons, and with the ethical "cleansing" purposes. And operation carried out before the onset of puberty girls. Local Aesculapius shaman reshapes the external genitalia girls on your own — sometimes it is limited to removal of the clitoris and sometimes go under the knife andclitoris, and labia.

Thus woman, from the point of view of the ritual, ceases to feel unworthy of sexual pleasure and with a clear conscience performs only one function: reproduction.

Since ancient times, in the procedure of female circumcision, nothing has changed. For this operation, the ritual knife, a surgical scalpel and anesthesia and aseptic processing there is no question.

During the Cairo conference Muslim scholars condemned the cruelty of female circumcision, highlighting the lack of any reasons for this practice in the Quran

So that young Africans are likely not once regret that they were not born boys. But have to endure — circumcision is a mandatory part of initiation — that is turning into a normal from the point of view of the tradition of the woman.

Women's rights activists have been trying to draw the world's attention to this, in essence, a barbaric ritual. According to one of the most prominent human rights organizations, this procedure has been the world's 135 million women. But as long as it came to religion and tradition, this somehow turned a blind eye.

Now, it takes a somewhat different turn. A group of Swedish scientists have observed Sudanese women came to the conclusion that circumcision leads to infertility. That is a ritual aimed at preserving a woman's fertility, essentially destroys it. Among undergoing this procedure occurs in infertility5-6 times more likely than avoid surgery.

According to the WHO, women who experienced complete or partial circumcision outer parts of the genitalia, often in need of caesarean section, and the mortality rate among children born to them exceeds the average by 50%

The reason for this is quite obvious. Held in unsanitary conditions circumcision provoke numerous inflammatory diseases of the genital tract, the formation of scars and adhesions. It is clear that in such circumstances to talk about the normal conception, pregnancy and birth of a healthy child is not necessary.

Age-old foundations, requiring crook protect the purity and chastity of girls, the existence of a cult with his servants and followers — all of this is really part of the culture, and get rid of the ritual of female circumcision in the near future is not possible.

However, now the opponents of the rite now there are enough powerful allies in the face of doctors. Harming reproductive health of the nation — it is an occasion to refer to the World Health Organization, or even directly to the UN. Painstaking outreach, health education — all this will help young Africans to start taking care of their own health.

The only thing you should not do doctors — is to try to put a ritual circumcision ona little bit Medical rails. If you start to provide a one-off tools shamans, antiseptics and anesthetics — a tradition only further entrenchment takes the form of medical allegedly supported by specialists.

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