Female sexual disorders

Female sexual disorder.  Drawing from the site www.bookcourt.org

Female sexual disorders are common in much greater degree than most people think. With the lack of desire and problems with orgasm woman may face at any age.

According to one of Sex Research, one out of three woman does not want sex, one in four has difficulty reaching orgasm, one in five complaining of vaginal dryness.

However, it is believed that orgasm is not the sole criterion female sexual satisfaction. Satisfaction with sex life depends also on the presence of a common system of values with a partner of the trust.

All female sexual disorders are divided into two groups: the first includes various forms of psycho-sexual disorders are not an obstacle to their sexuality. Second group — Disorders in which physiological responses occur, preventing sexual relations. In most cases, women's sexual problems are secondary, that is, are the result of certain physical and neurological diseases.

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