Fife club opened in Minsk

Favourite band "Stary Olsa" Professor Piper Dmitry Sosnowski noted that on November 28 at the "Catacombs" for the first time brought together senior master Fife motion:
"It Todor Kashkurevich Ales Elk Viktor Kulpin’s oldest and our master Vladimir Puzynya. Currently we first time their plant at the same table."
Todor Kashkurevich expected opening of the club more than one year:
"Now finally revealed" Fife club ", the idea that there was even 15 years back. But for a variety of events could not be realized. And now born very many young musicians. Through their initiatives and efforts have now open happiness first Fife club in Belarus. "
First 1980 Puzynya Vladimir was the first and the only one who returned Belarusian variant bagpipes known in other statesah in different designs under different names. Dudarstva Belarusian tradition was interrupted before the second World War I, when elected official inventory BSSR dulcimer. On the trail of Vladimir Puzyna in the late 1980s and went Ales Los Todor Kashkurevich. November 28 event participated dozens of young performers, and the club was filled completely. Vladimir Puzynya:
"I’m happy to live up to This time, sounded when our Dudari. Musicians — This beautiful our sign. Sign of freedom, the power of the sign, a sign of love for the motherland. I am very pleased that the opening prystunichayu "Fife Club."
Reporter: "You will now play?"
Puzynya: "No, I’m sick at the moment. I after 2-operations. Slightly drove. But riding with joy."
Guest of tune: "The extraordinary, outstanding, more around here, old, archaic, more appropriate … If this music sounded on the radio, on television, I think that in another country would have looked, but there was a different life."
Opening of "Fife Club" in "catacombs" ended jam sessions young performers and artists.

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