Figure majestically Duchy of Lithuania

The project uchavstvujut artists from Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. They will present their works reflecting the historical figures and action time majestically Duchy of Lithuania.
With Belarusian side in exhibition participates painter Alexei Marochkin:
"This project was initiated and implemented practically painter Raimondas Savickas, scion of the famous Lithuanian artist Avgustsinasa Savickas. This burning and unique project.
In painting and meditation we ask questions. Who are we? We humans — that has a huge cultural and multilingual heritage? Or are we going to those paths that run through time Stately Duchy of Lithuania? On these questions meet the artists with their works.
I showed another written in 1980 portrait "Vytautas Lofty" and current works devoted Gediminas portrait Boguslaw Radziwill and others, "- told Alex Marochkin.
After Minsk exhibition "Lithuania and eastern neighbors: Dialogue in Art" will be shown in Poland and Ukraine.

Painting Alexei Marochkina "Boguslaw Radziwill"

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