Filed more than 800 applications for protest

According to the coordinator "Public march" Valeria Ukhnalev, members of the Party of Communists Belarusian sent to local authorities about 500 applications, others seemed united democratic forces other actors. Total Belarus planned more than 800 protests — pickets and rallies.
"I think we will give positive answers. Not everywhere, but give. If we we have geography, we razmyarkuemsya where, what and how we spend — where rallies where pickets. And in any case, no matter what the answers are, either positive, or it will be banned, but most of their own, people will go out on picket lines. December 17 comes into effect a law abolishing the social guarantees and benefits. And all of our application filed on the 16th. And most people, it indicates and sociology, and our meetings with people who do not understand or accept it, now making power, "- said Valery Ukhnalev.
For example, activists Brest regional coalition United Democratic Forces filed about 117 applications for holding pickets. Of these 65 applications — in Brest, 37 — in the Brest region, 11 — in Baranovichi. Some applicants have already received the first response from the local authorities.
Oleg Shapovalov of urban settlement Machulishchy quoted a letter that is sent from the Minsk Regional Executive Committee. Allegedly, the executive committee "under the law on local government and self-government as a guarantor of the policy pursued in the state, does not allow a picket. Purpose of which is the expression of social protest against the government’s policies."
"Been refused for various reasons, but such a reason for the first time. Yesterday I sent a letter to the executive committee. I sent them a photocopy of their answer where reddish crossed places that do not was necessary put, wrote reddish-point where it should be put. And he wrote: "No comment. There wasand three spelling mistakes and stylistic one, "- said Oleg Shapovalov.
Activists of the Free Trade Union of Belarus Yuri Novikov Sergey Fomin and filed a complaint with the tribunal Leninsky Mogilev. They turning their attention for illegal acts business manager of the executive committee, which in August refused to hold 1st pickets of solidarity with Alexander Kozulin. According to manager of, such picket "is a method of pressure on the judiciary."
Activists demand Tribunal granted the application for action and to oblige the authorities to find the picket.
"Giving negative responses to mass events become the norm for the Mogilev city executive committee. Thus, in soon, criteria in the campaign "Soc march" to the city council was served several 10-s applications for holding pickets against repeal of benefits. And none of them are not staged. Unfortunately, no applicant went on and did not appeal the decision of the executive committee. If the district court, we do not get a positive decision, we will continue to suffer, right up to the UN Commission on Human Rights "- Said Yu.Novikav.

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