First aid station will be commissioned in summer

Today the civil works on the subject by 95%, plumbing — by 90%, and low-voltage electrical network mounted by 85%. Completed device systems supply and exhaust ventilation, is nearing completion of the installation of water measuring unit and pumping equipment fire extinguishing systems, construction of external off-site water supply and sanitary sewage. Improvement of the territory is 70%. The construction of the access road to the object.

It is expected that most of the remaining work will be completed in the next 1.5 months. Measures for improvement, planting and asphalting is scheduled for early summer. It is assumed that the documents for entry into operation of the building will be available in June 2012.

According to the deputy Andrei Bukarinova, reasonable and realistic completion date of construction ambulance station — July. "The main problem is that the main contractor — Company SC" Yugraotdelstroy "- somewhat slowed the pace of construction of the object. My opinion — no need to chase deadlines. Until the mid-late June soil conditions because of our climatic conditions do not allow the normal landscaping and gardening. It is necessary to obtain from the contractor's quality performance of its obligations and complete the work in the summer, "- he said.

Supported by the deputy head of the Khanty-Mansiysk Vassily Filipenko: "The city is important to get a good, hard-working facility, building, built" on the conscience. "

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