FIRST TIME IN HISTORY drones landed on an aircraft carrier

FIRST TIME IN HISTORY drones landed on an aircraft carrier
For the first time in the history of technology on July 10 off the coast of Virginia on deck nuclear aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush made the U.S. Navy landing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the X-47B, reports
«Not very often happens when you get a glimpse of the future. Soon will be developed combat drone which structurally change the present state and the power of our aircraft carriers, «wrote Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus (Ray Mabus) in a press release of the fleet.
Landing UAV sized fighter in size significantly superior shock such as UAV Predator, used in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, represents a watershed moment in the development of this type of military equipment.
Drones are weapons «incredible opportunities» because of their ability to perform combat tasks without putting human life at risk, in addition, the military expanded its South American drums and reconnaissance capabilities in previously inaccessible borders. UAV development allowed the U.S. to make the hidden bases in remote parts of the world, from which they can launch them to perform various tasks.
Now everything has changed. The test showed that the drones can project power punching the largest in the world Navy to the most remote corners of the planet, on a theoretical level is now the United States will not have to use a hidden base, or ask permission to other states such as Saudi Arabia, for flying UAVs.
«With the development and integration of new technologies such as the X-47B unmanned aircraft and other aircraft carriers will retain its relevance throughout the entire 50-year lifetime,» said Mabus.

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