Flanders wants to secede from Wallonia. Good luck.

Flemish nationalists after the elections to local authorities in Flanders in fact the Belgian government issued an ultimatum demanding the transformation of the country into a confederation.

The statement was made leader of the "New Flemish Alliance" / PFA / Bart de Wever, who received 38 percent of the vote in Antwerp and took control of the second largest economic center of the country.

"We have sent the government led by Di Rupo demand for the immediate start of negotiations to turn Belgium into a confederation," — he said.

De Wever said that his party "has become the biggest party of Flanders after the Second World War", which "has received a vote of confidence for the Flemings out of the economic and political crisis." The leader of the Popular Front proclaimed the beginning of "a new historical stage for Flanders."

"We have two cultures and two democracies" — said the Flemish politician, stressing that the French-speaking Wallonia in Belgium, part of it out of the way. "Our nationalism — is not a goal but a means to its own democracy movement in Flanders", — he added.


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