Ford closes two plants in the UK and the city-forming plant in Belgium

Ford Motor Company has released details of a plan to achieve profitable growth in Europe, the priorities of which are restructuring operations in the European market, the introduction of new products and increased profitability. In particular, the company plans to reduce its assembly capacity by 18% (or 355 thousand units produced cars) in all European countries except Russia. This will reduce the annual cost of U.S. $ 450-500 million

Reduction of production capacity is planned to reach by closing three large plants, which will also cause reduction of about 5 thousand 700 employees.

Thus, the assembly plant will be closed in g.Sautgemptone in southern England and the plant in the British g.Dageneme that hosts stamping production and tooling Ford.

The day before it was announced to close by the end of 2014. Automobile companies in the Belgian g.Genke. For the city, home to just over 60,000 people, the plant of the company is a major employer. In company employs 4.3 thousand employees, and with the subcontracting company employs 10.5 thousand people.

Factory workers have expressed their dissatisfaction with management's decision to Ford. It is expected that the October 24 top managers of Ford of Europe will hold a meeting with Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo and the Minister of Employment Monica De Coninck.

Ford decision to close Belgian plant was at the moment the last stop in a series of local productions owned by the world's motorcar giants. In 2010, Opel (Division General Motors) closed the plant in Antwerp, and 15 years ago, Renault has closed two plants near Brussels.

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