Foreign media: «Almaz-Antey» introduced anti-missile system «Vityaz» C-350E

Foreign media:
Russian company «Almaz-Antey» presented very latest in Russia anti-aircraft missile installation C-350E. The first time she was shown to the public at the 2013 airshow Max.
«S-350″ Hero » — Is highly mobile complex, it is smaller than the C-400, but uses the same rocket 9M96E2 », — reports Aviation Week reporter Bill Sweetman.
The complex consists of 3 modules:
Command Fri 50K6E
Radar 50N6E
launcher with 12 missiles
Only one command center can control the radar and 2 to 8 launchers. SAM can fire up to 16 aerodynamic targets and 12 missiles at once. On this edition said Vefense-update.
It is understood that the complex Vityaz (50R6), developed «Almaz-Antey» will change over a series of early versions of S-300, namely: S-300 PMU and PS PS-1A, which are uniformly derived from the service in 2015.
Operation of a complex «Hero» may begin as early as next year, if he successfully passes the tests. Zahav secrecy was removed from the C-350 in June 2013 when it was shown in a room owned by Obukhov factory in Sank-Petersburg, and, according to the president of «Almaz-Antey» Vladislav Menshikov, it is expected that the brand-new system will be ready for tests at the end of 2013.
The system can boast of advanced radar vserakursnym, new mobile command and Fri launcher carrying 12 vertical launch missiles, which are active radar variant missiles homing 9M96.
Such missiles are used in the C-400, a brand new generation of the C-300 that the currently deployed in Russia and offered for export.
A unique feature of anti-aircraft missile launcher «Hero» — the ability to run not only short-range missiles acts, and medium-range missiles (9M96).
As the short-range missiles may be applied 9M100 missile. According to the views of some analysts, the range of fire of the new complex will be approximately 30-120 km.
Analysts believe that the complex will be a part of aerospace defense with some limitation of tactical missile capabilities.

The complex consists of 3 modules:

Foreign media:

Fri combat control 50K6E S-350E «Hero»;

Foreign media:

functional radar 50N6E S-350E «Hero»;

Foreign media:

self-propelled launcher 50P6E S-350E «Hero».

Moscow aims to create multiple grid covering aerospace place of, which protect against various threats, starting and ending with drones manned aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles. The structure of the aerospace defense can enter the C-500, C-400 and C-300E also set small radius acts «Armour».
C-350 is designed in part by the type of South Korean KM-SAM complex Chun Kung, which was created with the participation of «Almaz-Antey». Russian company has developed three radar stations for KM-SAM.
Russian military were watching Korean developments and in 2007 decided to return to the development of the Russian version, which turned into a complex of «Hero».
Russia’s Defense Ministry plans to buy very little 30 Knights 2020 after completed all the tests.

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