Former candidates will be sent to the CEC new complaints

The formal reason for the refusal to consider the complaints was that they served so to speak through the head. First need to contact your district commission. And only when it fails, you can access a central, clarifying its chairman Lidia Yermoshina.

Valery Rybchenko, who ran on the same ticket in the United Democratic Forces Zhlobin electoral environment, immediately wrote two complaints: the district and the central committee. Now he said, "Freedom" that the district commission has already made out his papers:
"Well, they could tell? More questions, of course, we asked. And the answers we hardly heard because there was nothing to respond to. For example, we justify that to the metallurgical plant people were driven to a premature vote showed Commission documents.
Also showed photos, which show that the printing on different voting urn premature. And this issue they have practically no arguments ".
Prince Rybchenko states that the Commission unanimously supported that to dismiss his complaint:
"Replies have not given us nearly as well at the end of the meeting for a vote on the question of whether to dismiss our complaint. Voted unanimously, although the heads of all were omitted at the time of voting. Arms raised and head lowered."
Viktor Khomich, who was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation, confident that he was robbed of victory. He filed a complaint in the Gomel-Jubilee constituency, which has made piles of documents. Today here sire Khomych received no notice.
Officially supported Viktor Khomich 29.75% of voters. He said, "Freedom", that this figure support, estimated his election team, is somewhere around 80%. Sovereign Khomych clarifies the fact that people in the mood last year or two very much changed:
"Lud now completely different. This — amazing! Actions of many reasons. But before this deterioration discord life: price, benefits, information deception, people realize that there something is not right. And influences, of course, relevant to the person. This is the contract system that crushed it — rudeness officials. "
Subsequent meeting of the Central Election Commission is scheduled for October 14. Maybe it and make out a complaint on the recognition of the election results in some circles invalid.

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