Forum Putin supporters — not for journalists

Among those who were not allowed into the meeting — our staff, correspondent of the Russian service of Radio Liberty Maxim Yaroshevskii. He knows:
Yaroshevskii: "On the morning of the Luzhniki Sports Palace was surrounded by police officers and soldiers of internal troops. Inspected at the entrance not only invitations — associated with the names of the delegates lists of participants were also asked to show passports. Several journalists in the main zabugornyh channels, their accreditation, were obliged to talk with potential members of the movement "For Putin" on the street. "
Putin’s supporters: "God with us"
By Maxim Yaroshevskii, three girls who came to the meeting, said foreign journalists that came to suctrechu as is "Putin’s successor."
But the world Young people, who filmed the movie on the forum:
"The course of Putin and the party" United Our homeland "of» united all Russians now. Rating Vladimir Putin and the party" United Our homeland "on the planet’s highest, nationwide. Jesus Christ and the Mother of God to Russia Vladimir Putin — forever. "
Pro-Putin movement activist Natalia believes that faith in God should push Putin’s third term.
"I am an Orthodox man, and I am sure that there is divine will to do so. And whether there is the will of God, that comply with the Constitution — a big question."
Putin: "In Russia, willing to do the same thing in adjacent countries"
Vladimir Putin came to the forum his supporters a few hours after the start. All 5 thousand participants met with applause and his appearance skandavannem: "Our homeland! Our homeland!"
Putin: "I have given consent to head the list of" United Rosii ". Cdid it fully conscious. I believe that such makarom can assist the formation of a credible and competent legislature. "
In his speech Russian President collapsed on its own unnamed opponents. By him, "They want to take revenge and restore the oligarchic regime." "Learn some Western professionals trained on adjacent countries — now in Russia willing to do the same."
According to Putin, there are those who "jackals at foreign embassies, relying on foreign funds and governments, and not to support their own people."

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