Fritz Morgen: Ages go, but enemies crap Russia by the same proven methods


I'm reading now Kostomarova, about the early decades of the Romanov rule. Written as if in our age:

[Jesuits] were able to bind to their children, to inspire them to disagree with its aims and beliefs and feelings so deep rooting them in his charges that the nature of the latter is incremented as if all that was purchased at a Jesuit school. The main thing we can say for the sole purpose of Jesuit education in the Russian territories, at the time, it was possible to draw more Russian people to Catholicism, and at the same time introduce them to hatred and contempt for orthodoxy.

To do this, they used rather than scientific arguments and beliefs, many different light and acting on adolescence means, such as: ostentatious worship, fictitious miracles, visions, signs, revelations, the device festivities, games and stage performances that had quietly stick to the heart and the imagination of children in Roman Catholicism.

The Jesuits were converted to their advantage inherent tendency of young people to pranks and not only harnessed in children bad motives, but developed them to turn in favor of their cherished goals. So Jesuit teachers incited their students to do different insults Orthodox people, and especially to mock the Orthodox liturgy:Jesuit students broke into the church, shouting, rioted and attacked the procession to the church and allowed themselves to various obscenities, and teachers encouraged them for it.

But not to sue themselves Orthodox parents and do not shut the road to enter the Orthodox children in their schools, the Jesuits often claimed that they did not think to pay Russian Latinism, said that the eastern and western church is equally holy and equal to each other that they only care about education.

The Jesuits, when they found useful, even outwardly kept their Orthodox pets from adoption of Catholicism, on the grounds that both are of faith, but these pets have been prepared by education so artfully to a preference of the Catholic and Orthodox contempt for all that they themselves, as if in defiance of the advice of his mentor, taking Catholicism, and then the treatment is attributed to the inspiration from above.

Brought up in a Jesuit school and converted to Catholicism, Russian remained on life under the influence of their spiritual fathers, which were the same as the Jesuits, or acting in concert with them Catholic monks of other orders, spiritual fathers maintained their fanaticism for life.

And another characteristic fragment:

When the tomb in 1642 collected the cathedral, Sakovitch wrote against this cathedral in Polish scathing satire, and after that broke out extensive essay on the Polish language is called "The prospect of errors, heresies and superstitions of the Russian Church." Sakovitch in this work rests method introduced by the Jesuits and endure a long time in Poland in all disputes and attacks on Catholics Russian church. This method consisted in the fact that the notice and going to all kinds of abuse cases that depended both on the ignorance and bad qualities of the Od or other individuals who have held priestly place, and such cases would be taken as per the normal characteristics of an Orthodox church. All work is filled Sakovich such accusations.

Indeed, our belolentochnye preachers behave exactly the same way. They notice and collect all kinds of abuse cases that depended both on the ignorance and bad qualities of the Od or other individuals who have held seats in the government, and such cases would be accepted as normal for some characteristics of the modern Russian state.

And you know what really curious? Interestingly answer Kiev Metropolitan Petro Mohyla this Pole:

But with perfect equanimity Lifosa author acknowledges the validity of the many abuses identified by his opponent, but he explains them the sad state of the church, which did not have a long time pastors and deliberately oppressed unieyu, as well as ignorance and slavish position of parish priests under the authority of Lords.

We transfer to the modern time. Indeed, we can not fail to recognize the presence of a large number of abuses among Russian officials, at which point our opponents. Only one of the main causes of abuse — plight of the state apparatus, which for many years deliberately inhibited pro-Western liberals and not yet fully recovered from those swashbuckling days.

In general, centuries go by, and Western preachers are means-tested old. I remember a senior Jesuit recently outraged: they say, only in Russian language epithet "Jesuit" is used in the meaning of "cruel and treacherous." And actually Jesuit plush, and wish nothing but good to us …

I note finally that absolutely do not believe in the program of liberal education of citizens of other countries. More specifically, I believe, but I think their only real purpose of gaining control brains of students. Since it would be extremely foolish for the U.S. to create a training program of this kind is simply this: not pushing them gradually by all means its ideology hostile to us.

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