Funds from the depopulation

Maternal capital has a strong incentive to the birth of the second and third child. Fertility, as a result, has increased over the past six years by almost 30%. 

Last year, Russia came into being 1,896,300 people. This — the largest since the 1990s, the number of births.

In the discussion on the causes of the Russian demographers baby boomers can make your point. The country is reaping the benefits of Vladimir Putin launched policies to encourage large families. Maternity capital, paid from January 1, 2007, the allowance for child care for unemployed women, regional programs to stimulate the birth rate housing, land, social benefits encourage families start of the second and third heir.

Recognizing the importance of material factors, many experts consider defining "favorable for the reproduction of part of the population." However, the number of women of reproductive age is reduced, according to the Ministry of Labour, now in its third year, and the birth rate, however, is growing.

Between family and state investments in demographics — a clear correlation. From 2001 to 2006 the birth rate in the country increased by 12.8 percent. It's just — after a prolonged recession — has developed a "favorable composition," rose "demographic wave", and the final figure should look with caution, as they say statistics, "low base". In the six years of "work" mother's capital birth rate in Russia increased by 28.2 percent. This figure is not just impressive — it's called unprecedented, although it could be more, do not happen in 2008, the global crisis. Statistics recorded at the time that much of the potential mothers, dads respond to a transfer plans to replenish the family the best of times.

The unprecedented growth in the birth rate is not very favorable macroeconomic circumstances indicates how important for parents not only monetary motivation, but also the satisfaction of the spiritual care of a large family institutions of government and society. This inquiry has found the response in several "inaugural" Vladimir Putin's decrees, the key of which was the "Measures for the implementation of demographic policy of the Russian Federation." The President added "package" of incentives monthly allowance for the third and subsequent children, has given assurance to families with three of them and more, on free land for construction, ordered the government to ensure a reduction in the infant mortality rate to 7.5 per thousand live births …

By investing heavily — in the current year is 200 billion rubles only for the payment of maternity capital — the state simply has no serious material support to the family, waiting for the child, but also how to give her paternal blessing.

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