G.Kasparav: It elections without a choice

Putin: "The mood is not bad, solemn. Praise God election campaign finished, the voter determine, now remains only to come to vote for the party, the program which seems convincing, vote for those people, whom you trust. "
The mood at the head of the Communist Party, the first number of the electoral list of the Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov was significantly different.
Zyuganov: "This is the most difficult choices, more dirty and irresponsible. If Yeltsin had two methods to steal voices — intimidation and fix the final protocols, now invented least half the 10-ka methods how to attract and fool the voters. "
Managed by Garry Kasparov movement "Other Our homeland" was not admitted to the role in the elections. A few days reverse Kasparov spent five days in jail with a role in the "March of Dissent" last Saturday. Now is not the polling station he told foreign correspondents said:
Kasparov: "I urge everyone to use the word" election "very carefully, as you will not be able to refer to the current electoral vote. It elections without a choice."
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