G.Vays: strategy and the strategy of the European Union and Germany clear

Germany supports U.S. sanctions, which have imposed Belarusian municipal "Belneftekhim"? What’s the position of the German side?
Responding to this question, salting Germany to Belarus Gebhardt Weiss said:
"While there was no official reaction from Berlin about these sanctions. Naturally, we analyze the situation. We are to some extent share the theme of Washington, which gave rise to these sanctions.
If sanctions in this particular phase of development are current inventory, it is necessary to look. German politics, of course, connected with the question of productive dialogue with Belarus. "
Sovereign Weiss singled, that at the moment do not forget that more than likely a productive dialogue between Belarus and Western partners.
Are there any changes in the policies of the German side in against Belarus?
"Strategy and the strategy of the European Union and Germany clear. Naturally, we share together specific objectives that relate to the future of Belarus as a member of the wider euro democratic society.
But as for funds for services such purpose (it my world), You must go to a more equilibrium methods. Use and forms of dialogue and cooperation. "
Germany is a live for twelve EU proposals Belarus, including and demand release of political prisoners?
Sovereign Weiss said:
"It would be very appropriate, and if by Belarusian authorities more directly heard and responded to such a requirement. My world: on Actually is not revealing rationality in politics, because when there are certain blockade to normalize relations. "

The representative of the Berlin Foundation "Science and Politics", the chairman of the Minsk Forum Dr. Rainer Lindner, salting Germany to Belarus Gebhardt Weiss, salting Belarus to Germany Vladimir Skvortsov. Salting Belarus in such press conference participates for the first time

Rainer Lindner and Gebhardt Weiss during a press conference

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