Gaiduchevici: Our homeland closer to European standards

"On present day"One Our homeland" not pushing anyone anyhow, and presidential candidate. President — "United Our homeland" Prime — "One Our homeland", the Chief Ministers of the Duma to approve the "United Our homeland".
Our homeland kanfiguralna on the power system (I do not say — actually) closer to all European standards. Throughout it all the government party.
And we, in Belarus, we need as much of a party as the "Uniform Our homeland". I have already read, but I repeat: if our minister will go to Moscow and we will go there about gas, oil or something else, of course, will be lighter and easier to address issues if they are preceded by an agreement between the "United Russia" and " White Russia. "
And to this must be treated normally. In Anyway this development civilian society, this movement forward. This is an opportunity to move to a system of proportional mazhyrytarnuyu etc. And we need to engage in party building. "

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