Gasoline rose again

A petrol station number 63, that the street in Minsk Kalinowski, I called the current price of 92 gasoline and diesel:

"2120 and 1690. Expensive? A what can you do? "

"2120 and 1690. Expensive? And what can you do?"
Today’s increase in prices — in This year already the fourth. Previously, they were increased in August, May and January. Overall growth for the year was 19.4%.
Columnist of the weekly "Belarusian market" Tatiana Manyanok clarifies that the government is pursuing a policy of containment of rising gasoline prices. But they all the same grow:

"Conditions for oil supplies to Belarus this year relatively worsened. Prices grow it seriously enough. And this situation containment prices of petroleum products leads to oil refineries that supply their products to the domestic market with negative margins. For each ton they lose at least about 40 bucks. "
Compensate their loss of oil refineries in the outer market. It may be so Our homeland that Belarus oil supplies at prices the lowest in the world. And it allows, the Belarusian companies have some income.
But the prospects of the Belarusian oil unclear believes Manyanok:
"Pursue a policy of containment of domestic prices with each year will increasingly difficult. Excellent, that there are still two years because our motherland gave such an adjustment period to go to the general rules for the formation of prices. While this situation Belarus yet matured. Later, it will be harder. "
Will these challenges continue to affect the price of gasoline? What awaits the owners of cars lately? Economic commentator Tatyana Manyanok predicts:
"Everything will depend on how many resources have country. If the situation with the oil and gas supplies will worsen, then obviously reduced and the ability to support motorists. Because I think the increase in gasoline prices will continue to occur more often, and enormous size. "

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