Georgia: Managing opposition party arrested for connection with the Russian secret services

In the capital, the army units entered. They are kept well under control all the major sites. Prohibited conduct protests in the form of rallies and demonstrations. The restrictions for funds mass disk imaging. Namely, prohibited calls for disobedience to the authorities. Broadcasting "Imedi" TV suspended until state of emergency. One of the favorites of the ruling party Giga Bokeria said that the owner of the TV company, known businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili recently openly called for the overthrow of President Saakashvili.
President Saakashvili said that Minister of Foreign Affairs Of, in fact, openly supported the opposition, which, in the views of Georgian favorite, trying to destabilize the situation. The President also said that already posted and will be posted on the days of new evidence that favorite opposition acted in collusion with the Russian special services, which, in turn, acted under the cover of the Russian Embassy.
Several Russian diplomats declared non grata persons.
• David Kakabadze: "Actions in Tbilisi — a blow to democracy", 7.11.2007 • In Tbilisi — emergency, 7.11.2007 • Georgian authorities to use force to stop the protests in Tbilisi, 7.11.2007

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