Georgian political analyst D.Darchyyashvili: We — society surprises

Darchyyashvili: "On my eyes this indicates that the opposition relates to the election somehow surprising. She does not think the presidency fascinating and relies on its liquidation. This is evident from the candidate, and on their applications.
Gechechylade as political identity emerged in the late 1990s, but very briefly. He is a man of medium-sized businesses, it seems, knows Georgian folklore and poetry. Here, it seems, is all.
He once claimed to be well aware that the economy and the Committee wished to do, without whose consent no economic projects — either personal or municipal, should not be implemented. If the parliament is still under Shevardnadze, rejected this proposal, it somehow was not seen in politics.
During recent demonstrations last week He particularly stressed the concept of pluses, it constantly repeats. It per se good, but what it stands for, what must be legal, economic strategies developed — in this, I think, it is not sufficiently versed.
Drakakhrust: "Why 10 parties agreed on the face of a non-party candidate?"
Darchyyashvili "They apparently decided to discredit the very idea of the presidency. They — for a parliamentary republic, and so little by the Georgian theater decided to achieve this. They chose a man who thinks bad policy, and that show:" And we do not want the presidency. "Say , you select it, and he left. I think, it is naive. "
Drakakhrust: "And what is the calculation? Emperor Saakashvili still alive and well — if your description of the rights, Saakashvili will win the election and just will not go away."
Darchyyashvili: "The calculation is hatred — all against Saakashvili. This is such a revolutionary payment."
Drakakhrust: "How do I know far not all the opposition forces in Georgia are part of the» united opposition favorite 4 or 5 more parties also argue businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili about his intention to participate in the elections. Current decision — nominate one Gechechylade whether it can force the other candidates not nominate themselves? "
Darchyyashvili: "We — society surprises. One says — is another. We have one says: I will win and walk away from this post. Others state that they are for a constitutional monarchy. Currently allocate their candidacy for president."
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