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"I would gladly went to Russia to make my dream — to travel by jeep from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. But, very unfortunately, I currently have neither the time nor the financial resources, and assuming that there will be more and some bureaucratic obstacles, since, obviously, is not easy for a foreigner to obtain Russian citizenship. And I'd like to just that. Other than that, I would not risk to go on this trip without my Caucasian Shepherd.

Is also true that I'm constantly talking about emigration to Russia, like other Germans emigrating to the United States, Canada, Australia or Spain. I was planning to do it in 1986.

That I was doing in Russia? I would build a poultry farm there and would deal with it. I like the Russian people, and I feel great sympathy for the country as a whole. It all began in childhood. I grew up with my grandmother, who was a Communist since 1929. During the Nazi period she was in a concentration camp and they tortured her, among other things, she had a broken hip. The camp, for her stories, she helped the war prisoners food and everything they could. After the liberation by the Soviet Army is very much met with Soviet people and when I was born in 1953, is always just heard all good things about the Soviet Union, it woke my curiosity and love for this country.

In school, I had a lot of pen pals among Soviet pioneers and their teachers, for example, in Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Sochi and Kiev. And in the Army of the GDR I also had enough contacts with the Soviet soldiers, we have conducted joint exercises in which we could get to know each other closer. Up until 1996, I have maintained personal contacts with friends from Russia, but after we lost sight of each other.

Later, I got to meet new people among immigrants from the former Soviet Union. In the families who came to Germany as immigrants tend to one half of the "real (th) Russian (th)." For the most part — are women. I have heard many theories as to why Russian women moved to Germany. The main reason was that otherwise the Russian Germans — men just went to the family. At least I hope they are happy in Germany, but I know some who still came back.

You want to know why I would like to live in Russia? I believe that the Russian live a more "light-hearted" than we have in the West. When I read on the Internet expressing dissatisfaction my friends about the fact that Russia is bad, I always say to them — come to Germany and see it better here? Many people think that there is a ready roast falls from the sky or in a supermarket at the entrance handing out money to purchase.

Communicating with their current Russian friends and remembering his earlier experiences, I decided for myself that I feel closer to Russian mentality, rather than German. I'm half Hungarian, but in spite of the fact that I still was born and raised in Germany, I have not much I can understand and accept.

I'd be single at the moment, I would have found a Russian woman and moved to live in Russia. It definitely is.

A friend of mine from Belarus, having been in Germany, said: "You, the Germans have it all. You are living in a golden cage, which is filled with regulations, instructions, confusing laws, etc. But you — are not free, so as to absolutely any step you need permission from the state. "I believe that Tatiana, was the name of the woman is completely right.

From 1953 to 2003 I lived in East Germany until 1989 -, respectively, in the GDR. What has changed since the beginning of the Western occupation (as I call it)? In 1989, the people shouted, "We — one people!" Of course, today they are one, but they have no right to participate in the management of state and social affairs, they are a kind of toy in economics and in finance.

In the GDR there was, for example, the movement of innovators. It was supported by the government. Try it today to make any improvement suggestion — call immediately upstart and the next opportunity will be fired. They promised so-called democracy (a strong word and its meaning is gorgeous — the "people's power"), but nothing in this direction is being done. We are governed by lobbyists and we submit to the dictatorship of the economic and monetary. What is the difference compared to the GDR? The falsity of the current system. Before people act out democracy, turning it into a dictatorship, and contrary to the GDR never made a secret of the fact that socialism is a dictatorship — the dictatorship of the proletariat.

And then if people would realize that they are deceiving themselves, then socialism would not have collapsed. Although I also hold the view that socialism was betrayed by people with a predisposition to the disease ambition, to awards, to dubious fame and money. Maybe I will say harsh, but I think that Gorbachev became the undertaker of socialism and thus harm to humanity on its path to real freedom. I should note, I am not a communist, and was never a member of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany. But, yes, I like the ideas of Marx, Engels and Lenin.

Back in 1989 …

People were shouting, "We want to go!". Most of the population of East Germany, as before, only travels in those countries, which traveled in the days of the GDR. Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, etc. Why? No money to afford to fly to the U.S., Spain or Turkey.

People were shouting: "Down with the Stasi (counterintelligence)!" Yes, it happened, but they got their own neck intelligence services in a more worst-case scenario. Germany's Federal Intelligence Service (BND) keeps track of citizens around the clock passes the data to the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

People shouted "Freedom". They gained their freedom. They are allowed to choose whether they want to be unemployed, homeless, with no chance in life or weak-willed. Freedom is defined here by those who have the power. In the GDR, each had the right and duty to work. In the GDR, each had the right to education, health care, rent and also for many other things. Today, health care is functioning under the scheme: pay 14% of his salary in any of the more than 150 hospital foundations and can be examined by a doctor, but before it does come up, you need to have the reception to pay 10 euros. No money — no health care. When you buy any medication, depending on the size and quantity, the patient pays the money, while in the hospital a day to pay 10 euros, although payments to the hospital fund, with an average annual income of 2400 € — 5500 € arrive regularly.

Without going further into this topic, I would say the people here become worse off, which is reflected in the fact that people are leaving East Germany, because there's just no future. We, our family moved in 2003 to West Germany, since our son in Dresden could not get get vocational training. Here in the West, he learned, met the daughter of a senior butcher, and was with her the deputy director of the butcher shop of her parents. But this is a good example, since about half a million German youth between the ages of 15 and 25 years can not get any vocational training or work.

Here, every day the intensive propaganda against Russia. Facts inside out, think up some non-existent facts, etc. It is said that the Russian want to turn off the gas supply, etc. See for yourself, here are the German media headlines lately!

"The right to vote Russia: how long Bashar Assad, the Syrian army to use against the civilian population" 

"Putin is blackmailing actress Chulpan Khamatova"

"Regime Putin camp — 10,000 people — in the streets" 

"Russia cuts gas supplies — gas shortage in Germany"

"200 people froze to death in Russia" (against, by the way, 540 frozen to death in the euro area, but this one does not say.)

"Russia was one step away from the nuclear disaster"

And so it goes, day after day. An example can also serve as a channel ARD interview with Putin in 2008. Viewers have provided only parts of the interview, and these pieces were were thus combined with each other, said that Vladimir Putin has been completely turned upside down. All checked censorship. In the German media are not allowed arguments due to which readers in blogs or forums can learn how things are in reality. Every attempt to comment on a particular message from a different point of view — is blocked.

I am a passionate supporter of Russia and Putin, and although I manage to get to my messages stay longer published in the forums, yet it is that the moderator after some time, I just simply blocks. At the present moment — in MSN and Yahoo. At the same time, justify such actions are sometimes very comical: "The computer from which you are working is blocked for some time because of suspicious content of your articles. You can not delete your articles or write new ones! "- And this is called freedom of speech, freedom of opinion and democracy.

Another basic principle of the West, is that he is all but himself, points a finger. Germany argues that it is democracy but, as I said, is controlled by the monetary and economic dictatorship. Democracy means that the people have the right to vote. In Germany it is not. The Germans are opposed to the EU and did not want the introduction of the European currency. There would be a true democracy would have a Germany still have the German mark. According to a survey EMNID, 48% of Germans said they would back the Deutsche mark. 53% of Germans were against the fact that Germany has been a member of the European Union.

Well, other examples against the will of the people legally banned the use of cheap conventional light bulbs and now people are forced to buy and, therefore, to use a more expensive and highly toxic energy-saving lamps. In Germany, the closed nuclear power plants to use cheaper power offered on the world market, to get people to use more expensive environmentally friendly energy, but that does not. Nuclear power is bought at expensive in France and Norway. Have introduced the use of so-called bio-fuel E10, which is proven to destroy the machines and motors which, by law, must be Exempt from environmental taxes on fossil combustibles, but still not released.

Do not care which party to vote for in Germany, because a lot of them, but, basically, this is all one single party, as all the parties "led by" lobbyists economy.

In Germany, in fact, there is no constitution. Last constitution, which was valid for Germany because it is the people voted for it — it's Weimar Constitution in 1918 (as of 30/01/1933)!

In Germany, there is only a basic law on the basis of the Hague Convention on the Laws of War on Land of 1910. The Basic Law — a "Provisorium to maintain peace and order in the territory voennookupirovannoy for a certain length of time." In fact, Germany is still under the British, French and American occupation, and Russia, as we recall, was sent home. The Americans and the British are still in Germany are the base. By the way, the Allies at the time assigned to the Parliamentary Council to develop the German Basic Law and to adopt it (see letter Affirmative three western military governors of 12 May 1949 concerning the Basic Law).

In general, to say that Germany and democracy — the words are synonymous, it would be a big lie. 

Frank Gauer was born in 1953. He graduated from the polytechnic secondary school in East Germany. Get a professional education in "skotozavodchik." He served in the Army of the GDR. He sang in a rock band. Since 1983 — chairman of the farm with a dairy farm with livestock population of 500 units. There was also a radio broadcaster in the youth radio DT64. In 1985 he married. In 1987, a son was born. After the reunification of Germany to re-educate psychiatric nurse clinics. From 1992 to 2000 — worked as a truck driver, then again — in the field of health.

In 2006, he became unemployed and, in his words, "too old for the German labor market."

Frank Gauer — about himself:

"I said to myself, okay, I — the farmer and build the farm. And farming — that's what I still do. Oh yeah, I love the Caucasian Shepherd and breed them since 1985. I read a lot and interested in history. I listen to classical, jazz, blues, rock. I like the model of the Dodge and Jeep vehicles. I myself drive a Dodge Grand Caravan V6 and Jeep Grand Cherokee V8. What else: all that I love so much, and that does not list ".

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