Germans in Germany in the role of minorities

German Minister for Family Affairs Kristina Schröder spoke yesterday on state television, warning that many of the children from the families 'ethnic' Germans are humiliated and discriminated against by the children of immigrants. She had to admit that "the German children humiliated for what they are Germans."

"Anti-German speech — a form of xenophobia and racism" — said the Minister. And found it necessary to explain: "It is discrimination for belonging to a certain ethnic group."

Schroeder added that this phenomenon is prevalent in schools and public transport.

The Prime Minister of Bavaria Horst Seehofer was not satisfied with a statement of the sad fact of discrimination against indigenous populations, and added, speaking on the same day that Germany should close the door to the Muslim and Arab immigrants.

What causes such a frank and harsh words of German politicians?

At the end of last week, the German newspaper BILD TV channel Das Erste and published scandalous materials about bullying and beatings of German children in some schools in Germany, where "ethnic" Germans were in the minority.

In schools, Essen, for example, where about 70% of the students are children of immigrants, in a truly "Germanophobia." Above the German children taunt, often beaten. In class they have never been talking, they keep goals, constantly on the alert and rarely express their opinions, in short, they are not integrated in the classroom. 

"Immigrant children behave peculiarly, — said the director of the school in Essen. — Our women teachers to work with children who talk about them with their peers, "Do not talk to her, it's just a German slut. '"

"During Ramadan school with the state of emergency, — says one of the teachers of the school. — This Ramadan has come to the point that they spit in the food classmates. It is believed that discriminate against foreigners, but we have just the opposite. "

In response, German children or fighting, or trying to adapt to the situation.

In Berlin, not better. Teachers of a Berlin wrote a memo to the school teachers' union, which complain of anti-German student behavior. Over schoolchildren bullied, threatened, and if push comes to shove, immigrants come to the aid of their relatives and friends.

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