Germanys Minister for Family Affairs to deprive God the Father called masculine

Germany's Minister for Family Affairs Kristina Schröder initiated a discussion in which politicians were involved different parties. She called on God to call gender-neutral name, not giving priority to masculine. It is significant that the dispute broke out in the run up to Christmas — a holiday, to which the Lord God has a direct bearing notes in its publication Spiegel Online. Especially felt stung by the representatives of the Christian Democratic and Christian Social Union (CDU / CSU), because it was a central image of their religion.

In an interview with the weekly Die Zeit Kristina Schroeder said that the common expression in German der liebe Gott, which can be roughly translated as "merciful God", it is not necessary to interpret the masculine, and that such a phrase could sound this way: "Dear God . "

Colleagues Schroeder of the CDU / CSU found its passage was not joking. The Minister for Social Affairs of Bavaria — the land of the Catholic, Christine Haderthauer responded to him with indignation. "This arcane nonsense robbed me speechless," — said the representative of the Christian Social Union, the newspaper Bild. "It is sad when our children for the sake of a dubious political correctness taken away so important for their fantasy images" — regretted it.

State Secretary of the Federal Office for the Protection of the environment Katharina Reiche, representing the Christian Democratic Union of Brandenburg, reflections Christina Schroeder categorically denied, saying, "Dear God" and will remain so, without having undergone gender change. A representative of the CSU in the Bundestag Stefan Mueller said that regardless of the Christmas time the joke was out of place and made him wonder.

Similarly, spoke of the right-wing conservative CSU Norbert Geis, who said that Christ revealed God to us as Father, so let it remain so.

Abstained from the debate, the CDU regional office of the federal state of Hesse, in which Christina Schroeder will have to act as the main candidate in elections to the Bundestag. A representative of the office Klaus-Peter Villsh told the newspaper: "To access the Lord God is seen in the neutral from the point of view of the image of the floor, that I recommend to Christ as a child — just in time for Christmas."

Recall that the "sexual question" in relation to God is not so long ago, was raised by representatives of the Episcopal Church of Scotland. The new liturgical rank, compiled it, removed all mention of God as being masculine.

In the explanations of the episcopal council to introduce a new usage has been called a "more meaningful." "Fresh" form of references to the Almighty from which removed words like "God", "he", "him", "humanity", is introduced, according to the bishops to accept that God — a being "out of the human race "and even more so — is male. The changes were made as an alternative to the 1982 liturgical text that mention of God is akin to references about the person.

While the new rite was composed Liturgical Commission of the Episcopal Church of Scotland, with the approval of the General Synod and the College of Bishops, had the attitude is ambiguous.

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